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Zuzu Pets Pink

This is a great collar for those with dogs who love to play fetch. The pink light will light up the collar and make it easier to find what is coming towards you. This collar is also great for dogs who are difficult to find.

Zuzu Pets Pink Target

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Zuzu Pets Pink Ebay

This collar is a great addition to your dog'scollar! It features a led light-up tag system and will sure to make your dog pop out at night when looking for their lights. This is a great addition for those with intellectual disabilities, as it makes their bed in the early morning hours! this zuzu pets pink dog collar has a light-up tags led collar clip that lets you see her by night or day. She has a good looking and friendly face, so you'll know she's a dog that loves people. This collar is a great way to show off her personality, and make her feel welcome. this collar is perfect for a sweet little pink dog! The light-up tags make having a dog come to mind for just about anything! The collar is also comfortable to wear, making it a great value. this zuzu pet pink collar is perfect for dogs that need to be visible in the dark. The dog visibility light and dog tag safety collar make this a perfect gift for those who love their dogs.