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Pet Water Dispenser

A self-drying pet food dispenser and water container from zone tech. This dispenser works with pet dog, cat, and bird breeds. It is a gravity type water dispenser that weighs 1. 5 pounds. The dispenser is a variety of colors and has a green light to indicate it is on. The dispenser has a single-use dishwasher safe container that is 3. 5 inches in diameter. It is made from plastic and has a blue light to indicate it is on. The container is empty when it is turned off.

Pet Water Dispenser Ebay

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Best Pet Water Dispenser

The 2. 5l dog cat water fountain automatic pet water dispenser with 3 filters 1 mat is perfect for those with pet water dishes. This dispenser will water your pet's drink in no time at all. this pet water dispenser is for 2. 4l led pet water fountain dogs cat automatic dispenser drinking bowl drinker cars. This dispenser is for filling water bottles, and drinking from the car. It is also for kids to explore the world around them. this pet water dispenser is perfect for those who love to pet their pets. The dispenser comes with a led light that will light up when your cat or dog is drinkin this automatic water dispenser is perfect for your pet. It has a 1gallon capacity and a timer so you can be sure your pet never gets wet. It is also automatic so you never have to worry about it being ready when you're ready. This dispenser is also portable so you can take it with you when you go on vacation.