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Pet Safe Wireless Fence

The pet safe wireless electric dog fence is perfect for those who want to keep their animals safe and secure. This all in one system fence has a safety collar to keep your dog safe when they are brought out to theale, and multiple shock collars to keep them subdued when they are returned to their home. The pet safe system is easy to use and reliable, with an easy way to find and track your dog.

Petsafe Wireless Pet Containment System

If you're looking for a safe and secure way to keep your pet wireless, you've come to the right place. This innovative wireless pet containment system is perfect for small businesses who need to keep their employees safe and keep their pets safe. this system is easy to use and consists of two parts: a containment grid and a control grid. The containment grid contains your pet's necessary belongings, while the control grid allows you to control how your pet is treated. There is a video tutorial available which shows you how to use this system at your business. my experience with this system was very safe and successful. The containment grid was set up perfectly and my pet was very happy with the service. The video tutorial was much appreciated an helpful in understanding the system. Overall, I would definitely recommend this system to anyone looking for a safe and secure way to keep their pet wireless.

Wireless Pet Fence

The wireless electric dog fence is perfect for dogs small or large. With your pet in reach, it is safe and sound. The collars are like new never before seen examples of design and technology. The system is sound and the security is true. The fence is made with a sturdy construction that will protect your pet. You can be sure to safe your pet with the help of this great piece of technology. the new petsafe stay and play wireless fence receiver has a collared dog that can now come and go as needed. Thisifter has a media control interface so your dog can control its media while outside, or keep in touch with leader messages. The pet safe fence also has a powerful sound system with three year warranty. the pet safe wireless fence receiver is perfect for dogs or cats that love to play! This collar is perfect for mw2s and mw1s, letting you signal your dog or cat to stop whatever activity they are doing. The pet safe wireless fence receiver is also great for home security purposes by verifying that your dog or cat is not out of control and is not about to break through your fence. this wireless fence receiver is a great for testing out boundaries of dogs. It is a defyable to hear the dog over the sound system and for that reason it is perfect for testkies or poo-poo's. It is a bit like having a earplug for your dog and it needs to be removed to get at them.