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Pet Attire Harness

This is a great new option for dog gear that is sure to make a statement. This harness is a comfortable wrap with a black color that will make your dog feel confident and stylish. It has a 20-30 nwt and is size medium.

Pet Attire Harness Ebay

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Cheap Pet Attire Harness

Our pet attire harness is a great way to keep your pet comfortable and safe. The wrap around harness makes it easy to get on and off of your pet, while the adjustable harness makes it fit perfect to fit it perfect. Thisharness are great for both home and travel use. thisambabyharness is a great choice for those that love their furry friends by themselves or with others. This dress is made with water and windproofing features to keep them warm and dry, making it a perfect wear for any weather conditions. The floral design on this harness is sure to make a statement, and it can be dressed up or down to suit. Additionally, there is a leashed vest and dog vest included, making this harness ever-popular. With a fast turn-around time, thisharness is the perfect choice for day-to-day wear for your pet. we offer a wide range of pet attire harnesses to choose from. Our fabrics and styles are designed to ensure comfort and a perfect wrap around experience. Our pet attire harnesses are also available in different colors and styles. this intense blue and orange pet attire harness is perfect for a comfortable living situation. The wrap-around shoulder straps keep you close to your pet, while the adjustablehabituelle's comfort keep you close enough for all sorts of activities.