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Foam Pet Stairs

Are you looking for a way to add a new or limited-time offer to your web presence? are you looking for a new and stylish way to add your pet to your home? or are you looking for a new and unique way to sell your products? then look no further than the foam pet stairs! These steps are made of recycled plastic and are made to last, long-term storage is guaranteed by using a washable material and a cushion that can keep your pet warm. These stairs are also easy to clean, so you can keep them in good condition and look great do same.

Pet Stairs 5 Steps

There are many ways to make pet stairs look more like human stairs. Some possibilities include adding some kind of goodwill artwork, adding a littlevr or decal to the stairs, or simply adding some basic steps to the look of a pet stairs. All of these ways are sure to make your pet stairs look more like the ones on your pet!

4 Step Foam Pet Stairs

These soft cat dog steps are perfect for kids or dogs and are 3 steps in length - making them easy to take in and out with. The ramp & ladder will protect the step from getting dirty and any sharp edges that could get sharp with time. The soft kitty would love the protection offered by the ramp and ladder. Pet stairs foam is a great choice for a high-quality pet stair case. It is made of high-density foam andremovable zippered cover that makes it easy to clean. Additionally, the washable brown. these foam steps are perfect for your pet's home, and are made of high-density foam. They're removablezipper cover washable gray and make an ideal way to keep your pet clean and free of dirt and dust. They're also easy to clean, so your pet is never left behind. these steps are high density foam pet steps that can help make pet lives easier. The steps are made with a conspiring of hardwood, poplar, and fir which gives a much greater strength and durable surface. The steps are also self-cleaning which means no dirt or debris is left on the surface. The colors are black, white, and yellow which is perfect for any dog or cat.