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Extra Tall Extra Wide Pet Gate

Extra tall, extra wide, pet gate. 56-inch extra wide. Durable mesh pet dog gate. Tall indo-pacific isles. This gate is perfect for those with large pets or those who need to keep them safe and well- while they're away on vacation. This gate is made of durable mesh and is easy to close and open, making it perfect for a wide range of uses.

Walk Thru Pet Gate

If you're looking to keep your pet safe and safe from predators, there are a few things you need to know about the petgate gate. This petgate is different than other gates because it is made from durable metal that is designed to last. It is also a self-closing gate that often stays in place thanks to its security code. When your pet reaches your desired location, they can easily go in and out of the gate as needed. Not only is this a safety concern, but it is a uriel gates top-of-the-line gate! how is the petgate gate different from other gates? the petgate gate is made from durable metal that is designed to last.

Extra Long Pet Gate

This extra long pet gate is a great choice for those with large families or who want to keep their animals safe. The wide open gate makes it easy to close and locked, while the extra long key plaque makes it a vega product. this extra tall and wide pet gate is perfect for large openings. The gate can be moved to new openings with ease, becoming the perfect choice for larger pets. The high quality design means that this gate can be used for both home and pet applications. this extra wide pet gate is made of premium wood and is 69" wide at the top and 80" wide from the bottom. It is tightly adjustable to a perfect seal with noumbered straps to keep the gate tight against the dog or animal. The gate has a large sign-in/out door and a large keypad for the user's name and number. The gate can also be locked with a code. This gate is perfect for thedog or animal control or the user's home. this petgate is perfect for larger families or groups. It is now possible to open and close your pet without getting them in trouble. The extra-wide design allows for plenty of space to move your pet and keep them safe. The lock gives you control over how many people are around your pet, while the extra-tall design is easier to see.