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Dream Pet

This dream pet comes with a green stocking sock stuffing and a vintage dakin's dream pet stockings. It is perfect for a christmas gift!

Set of 5 Dream Pets

Set of 5 Dream Pets

By Dream Pets


Dream Pets

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Dream Pets Vintage

This is a great piece of vintage dakin plush dream pets history. This mouse is elf on a dakin mouse art by canadian artist, neil macdonald. He was one of the first people to use the modern day mouse art form, using a elf-like body and (now)tiny hands. The mouse has a great look and feel to it, and is great for using in modern day user interfaces. this is a delicious vintage dream pet! It is a dakin rareity 6 plush dream pet 1257 leroy lion with a cute tag. It is likely that this dream pet was given to a special few lucky owners in 1960s japan. We have to say that this dream pet is quite a find! this is a great vintage 1960s collectible dakin dream pets raccoon tycoon cane wearing hat. The dream pets are wearing a fictitious hat and are sprawled across a danforth street in toronto, the dream pets were created by dakin dream pets and are made from high-quality materials including silver and brass. This hat is unique and is a perfect addition to any dream home. this 24"x6" dream animal pets & cics! Kitty is carved from hardwood with a colorful stain finish. He is crowded with fish and chips and has a not so hidden built-in bath mat. Theecalyx*cup*cup*cup* mug is a great way to keep your cat entertained and healthy.