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Commodore Pet

This commodore pet is back and better than ever! This one-of-a-kind pet includes an 8-bit computer, a chiclet keyboard, and a whole lot of cassette tape! Add this pet to your ecommerce to buy now.

Vintage CBM PET 64K Upgrade

Vintage CBM PET 64K Upgrade

By Commodore CBM


Commodore PET  2001

Commodore PET 2001

By Unbranded


Pet Computer

The pet computer has become a thing of beauty. It is simple to use, and is able to do everything you can think of. The downside is that it is a bit small, but the upside is that it is very easy to use.

Commodore Pet 64

The commodore pet 2001 series professional computer is a great new addition to the commodore line of manualsheaplines. This computer is restoration ed and is obviously excellent condition. The computer has the usual commodore features such as a save as command, edit, use, and so on. There are two expansion cards included, one in the middle of the computer and the other at the end of the card. The computer also includes a 9-in-1 card, which will allow the user to use their own graphics drivers. The pet also includes a number of other features such as a extended fast memory, a touch screen, and so on. This computer is a great addition to the commodore line of computers and is a good value for the money. the commodore pet universal dynamic pet assy no. 8032090 1762-03 logic board is a great addition to your computer game podium. With it, you can create and play your own software with the ease of a computer game. This computer gamerapeduct is perfect for any gaming institution or business. For only $599. 99 you can get one of the most advanced pet computers on the market. this commodore pet 4032 keys has a low serial 8469 and is a pet style keys early edition ultra low serial pet. this product is a commodore pet 2001 up to now pet 2004 with a 2001 model year and newer computer. The pet 2004 comes with a pet card, which can be used tosalary compare seiances between different pet ages and brands.