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ZooMed Rock Heaters
ZooMed Rock Heaters
An excellent secondary heat source for tropical reptiles. Creates uniform heat with no hot spots. .
Style # 2297066A

This heated safety stone is designed as a secondary heat source for tropical reptiles. The insulated nichrome wire element runs continuously back and forth throughout the heater, creating an even heat source with no hot spots. The element is water resistant to prevent possible electric shock if heater gets wet. Washable surface prevents bacteria build up. Features full coverage, completely encapsulated heating element. Standard and Giant feature Repti Temp Control for accurate temperature adjustment. The Standard Rock Heater 10½ W x 7 D x 2 H is ideal for all types of snakes and lizards including boas, pythons, rat snakes, king snakes, iguanas, monitors, and tegus. The Mini Rock Heater 5½ W x 3 D x 1½ H is ideal for all types of snakes and lizards including iguanas, boas, monitor lizards, pythons, tortoises, and other large reptiles. Easy to use, simply put the rock heather in the terrarium and plug it in. The heater takes approximately 2 to 3 hours to heat up and should feel warm to the touch. The rock surface heats to temperatures of between 90 to 110° F.

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ZooMed Tortoise/Lizard Food
Zoomed tortoise lizard food
A favorite food of all North American desert tortoises and giant skinks .
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ZooMed Stainless Steel Feeding Tongs
Zoomed stainless
A hygienic way to feed your reptiles, birds and fish.
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ZooMed Screen Covers
Screen covers
Tight-fitting plastic frame with galvanized metal screen cover for terrariums and aquariums.
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ZooMed Turtle Clean Filter 318
Zoomed turtle clean filter
A fully submersible, 4-watt internal filter for aquatic turtle tanks up to 30 gallons in volume.
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Zoomed Turtle Canister Filter
Zoomed turtle
Easy priming external filter for turtle tanks, vivariums, box turtle pools or aquariums up to 30 gallons.
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