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Zilla Halogen Bulb Night Black Light - 50W - 2-Pack
Zilla Halogen Bulb Night Black Light 50W 2 Pack
Two pack of Night Black Light Halogen Bulbs that deliver both radiant heat and light in one, compact, energy efficient bulb.
Style # 2297066A

Night Black Light Halogen bulbs provide both radiant heat and light and are more cost effective and energy efficient than standard incandescent bulbs. Additionally, the smaller size of this halogen bulb allows for it to be used in tight terrarium spaces. Halogen bulb focuses the heat and light to provide maximum visual drama and reptile comfort. Features and Benefits Halogen delivers more light and heat with less power Compact design saves space, focuses light One bulb provides both radiant heat and light.

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Zilla Lizard Litter
Lizard litter
This litter is lighter than old fashioned sand, and it is dust free for a healthier home environment.
SKU # 5120360
Zilla Juvenile Iguana Food
Juvenile iguana food
Zilla meets these special needs of young iguanas with a food richer in calcium and other nutrients, in a recipe adjusted to the daily feeding schedule that top breeders recommend for juveniles.
SKU # 5120406
Zilla Terrarium Liner, 55 Gallon
Liner gallon
Beginning pet parents and finicky reptiles alike will love Terrarium Liner. Simply roll out the plush green or brown carpet and cuts to size as needed.
SKU # 5120348
Zilla Mini Reptile Fixture
Mini reptile fixture
Delivers optimum full spectrum UVB light essential to desert reptile habitats in a compact, easy-to-use fluorescent fixture. Click More details below for a link to view the Instructions for the Zilla Mini Reptile Fixture.
SKU # 5125796
Zilla Halogen/Fluorescent Combo Dome - 9.5 inch
Halogen fluorescent combo
This dome provides a combination of both heat and light in the same, easy-to-use fixture. Click More details below for a link to view the Instructions for the Zilla Halogen/Fluorescent Combo Dome.
SKU # 5125798
Zilla White Proso Millet Bedding
Proso millet
A bedding that doesn't absorb water, yet won't harm a pet's digestive system when eaten accidentally.
SKU # 5120361
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