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Purina&reg Yesterday's News&reg Small Animal Bedding and Litter
Purina&reg Yesterday's News&reg Small Animal Bedding and Litter
Moisture locking paper pellets have three times more moisture absorbing power than pine and cedar.
Style # 2297066A

Yesterday's News is pelleted from specially processed recycled newspaper, combined with a unique ingredient that eliminates odor on contact and is 100% non toxic to your pet. Available in three varieties Small Animal, Rabbit, and Ferret each specifically formulated for your individual pet's needs. Yesterday's News® brand Small Animal Bedding Yesterday's News Small Animal Bedding is up to 3x more moisture absorbent than traditional pine and cedar shavings. The texture of the pellets are specially designed for small animals. Ideal for animals that dig and burrow similar feel to traditional animal bedding but with the advantage of highly effective odor control. Easy to clean up, the high absorbency keeps habitats clean and dry. Low dust compared to pine and cedar shavings, perfume free and non toxic. Available in 20 lb. packages. Yesterday's News® brand Rabbit Litter Yesterday's News Rabbit Litter is the first litter tested and made specifically for domestic rabbits and their bathroom needs. You can feel comfortable in knowing that Yesterday's News is 100% safe, rabbit tested and non toxic. You no longer need to worry about your rabbit inhaling or ingesting harmful chemicals or dust. Will not harm your rabbit if eaten and won't affect their liver enzymes. No more scraping or caking in your litter pan. Yesterday's News absorbs up to twice the moisture of other litters traditionally used for rabbits. Available in 10 lb. packages. Yesterday's News® brand Ferret Litter Yesterday's News Ferret Litter is specifically designed for the unique bathroom needs of ferrets. Yesterday's News is up to 3x more moisture absorbent than other ferret litters. This high absorbency helps keep habitat clean and dry and the specially formed pellets provide highly effective odor control. Plus, you don't have to worry about your or your ferret inhaling harmful chemicals, perfumes, or dust. Available in 10 lb. packages.

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Yesterday's News Cat Litter
Cat litter
Pelleted cat litter made from recycled newspaper. Provides a softer surface than clay, making it ideal for post-operative care.
SKU # 2621258
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