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Top Paw? Flashing ID Tag with Cat Print
Top Paw? Flashing ID Tag with Cat Print
Lightweight, flashing tag helps to keep your cat visible in the dark. Waterproof and visible up to 218 yards (200 meters).
Style # 2297066A

Keep your cat safer at night with this lightweight flashing tag. Attached securely to cat's collar and features a one touch on/off switch. Light sensor activates automatically in the dark and shuts off in the light to preserve batteries included. Also includes a waterproof insert to write your cat's ID information. To replace the battery Remove the 2 screws from the back of the tag. Remove the backing. Be careful because there is a rubber gasket inside that may fall out when you remove the back. Also, the collar clip will come off when the back is removed. Set the back, the collar clip, and the gasket aside. You will now see a green electronic board. Pry this up and take it out. On the back of this green electronic board are 2 slots for the batteries. Insert the batteries with the + side flat side of the battery facing up. Put the electronic board back in lining up the screw holes of the red, front casing with the screw slots on the electronic board. There is only one way this will fit back in correctly so if it does not sit in nicely one way, turn it around and put it in the other way. Put the gasket back in making sure the gasket fits correctly around the edge of the casing. Put the front and back casing together lining up the screw holes and putting the collar clip back on the notch at the top. Holding the casings together in one hand, put the screws back in and tighten. Do not over tighten as this can damage the casing, the screw holes and the screw heads. Made in China.

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Whisker City? Snag-Proof Safety Collars
Snag proof
Purrfect for the practical, yet fashionable feline. This nylon, snag-proof collar comes complete with an important safety feature: if the collar snags, a piece of elastic on the collar reduces the likelihood of choking. The elastic is cleverly disguised b
SKU # 5125164
Whisker City? Leopard Soft Sided Cat Carrier
Cat carrier
Stylish and secure, this carrier will keep kitty comfy on the go.
SKU # 5121953
Whisker City? Fur Cat Mat - Medium
Fur cat mat medium
This faux-fur covered cat mat can be placed anywhere you'd like to encourage your cat to sleep.
SKU # 5122194
Whisker City? 10' Cat Tie-Out
Tie out
Designed with durability for outdoor use.
SKU # 5098375
Whisker City? Rhinestone Cat Collar Charms
Rhinestone cat
Add a dash of sparkle to your kitty's collar with our sassy rhinestone adorned charms.
SKU # 5125893
Whisker City? Leatherette Soft Sided Cat Carrier
Leatherette soft
Stylish and secure, this carrier will keep kitty comfy on the go.
SKU # 5104137
Whisker City? Scratching Post - 24 inch
Scratching post
Carpeted scratching post provides the ultimate scratching and stretching experience for your cat.
SKU # 1821051
Whisker City? Suede Safety Cat Collar with Ribbon Overlay
Suede safety cat
This Safety Collar offers a combination of style, safety and comfort that your kitty will thank you for. This wine colored collar is made of soft suede with a stylish ribbon overlay and matching bell charm. Plus, the Safety Collar has a very important fea
SKU # 5125880
Whisker City? Glitter Cat Harness
Glitter cat harness
Adorned in dazzling glitter, this adjustable cat harness makes leash training comfortable and easy without sacrificing an ounce of style. Made exclusively for PetSmart.
SKU # 5117723
Whisker City? Replacement Cat Scratcher  2 pack
Replacement cat
Two pack of replacement scratchers for use with Whisker City scratchers and furniture.
SKU # 5124300
Whisker City? Purr-fect Wonder Cat Bed
Wonder cat
The Purr-fect Wonder Cat Bed is the ultimate in luxury for your pampered pet. It keeps your cat snuggly warm and comfortable while the electrostatically charged fibers capture dust, hair and dander.
SKU # 5122180
Whisker City&reg Graduated-Color Breakaway Collar
Amp reg graduated
Add a little style to your pet's collar with these color graduated collars that also ensure his or her safety.
SKU # 5088378
Whisker City&reg Sisal Ring with Leather Fringe
Sisal ring
Keep your kitty happy and amused with this sisal ring with leather fringe.
SKU # 5124147
Whisker City? Play Cavern Scratcher
Play scratcher
The cardboard scratcher for cats who love to scratch and stretch. Includes a hanging Mylar toy inside the cavern for extra fun.
SKU # 5053648
Whisker City? Cat Toy Value Pack
Value pack
This value pack of assorted cat toys is sure to get your kitty up and moving for endless hours of pouncing action Made exclusively for PetSmart.
SKU # 5124185
Whisker City? Organic Wool Mouse
Organic wool
Plush mouse made of organic wool is infused with catnip for added playtime encouragement. Made exclusively for PetSmart. Available in assorted colors please let us choose.
SKU # 5124184
Whisker City? Small Fur Cat Mat
Small fur
This faux-fur covered cat mat can be placed anywhere you'd like to encourage your cat to sleep.
SKU # 5122193
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