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Do-It-Yourself Pitched Roof Unfinished Dog House by Ware Manufacturing
Do It Yourself Pitched Roof Unfinished Dog House by Ware Manufacturing
Imagine the feeling of satisfaction you'll have when your dog curls up peacefully in the dog house that YOU built for him. Build your own dog house comes in several sizes and styles.
Style # 2297066A

Complete, do it yourself dog houses are a fun and easy project. All are made of exterior grade plywood that is naturally resistant to pests and the effects of the weather. Add a powder coated, galvanized roof or shingles to your dog house to lend a customized look and added durability and stain or paint in whatever color you desire let your imagination run wild and create a home to match your dog's unique personality Just think..a dog house built by you Assembled measurements listed below. Other finished and unfinished styles available. All are made in the USA. Small The exterior dimensions of this are 27 W x 34 7/8 D x 27 H includes the widest points on the roof. Interior house dimensions are 21 W x 28 3/4 D x 25 1/2 H dimensions do not include the feet that raise the house off the ground. Medium The exterior dimensions of this are 30 W x 39 D x 31 1/2 H includes the widest points on the roof. Interior house dimensions are 24 5/8 W x 32 3/4 D x 30 1/4 H dimensions do not include the feet that raise this house off of the ground. Large The exterior dimensions of this are 33 3/4 W x 42 7/8 D x 36 1/4 H includes the widest points on the roof. Interior house dimensions are 28 1/4 W x 36 1/2 D x 34 7/8 H dimensions do not include the feet that raise this house off of the ground.

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Ware Mfg 2-Level Medium Clean Living Small Pet Cage with Rolling Base
Clean living small
Provide your guinea pig, chinchilla or ferret with space to roam, while keeping his cage clean.
SKU # 5115970
Ware Manufacturing Deluxe XL Home Sweet Home Cage
Home cage
Extra large, 40 Deluxe Home Sweet Home cage comes complete with rolling casters, feeding bowl, water bottle, shelf and ramp. This cage makes the ideal home for a family of guinea pigs, ferrets, chinchillas, small breed rabbits or other similar-sized
SKU # 5126565
Ware Manufacturing Small Fun Tunnel
Manufacturing small
The Fun Tunnel expands 2-1/2 feet to fulfill your critter's instinctive burrowing needs.
SKU # 5135342
Ware Manufacturing Nature Balls - 3pc
Manufacturing nature balls
Value pack of Nature Balls provide small pets with three times the chewing fun .
SKU # 5135306
Ware Manufacturing Backyard Hutch
Manufacturing backyard
The perfect combination: hutch and play pen.
SKU # 5109776
Ware Walk-N-Vest Small Pet Harness
Walk vest small
Walk your critter companion in comfort and safety with the Walk-N-Vest leash and harness combo.
SKU # 5126667
Ware All Natural Mini Sisal Ball with Bell
Ball bell
Safe and fun chew time, all rolled in to one product Small pets need playtime toys too this is the perfect way to stave off cage boredom .
SKU # 5124741
Small Animal High Rise
Small animal high rise
Now you can easily convert any 10 gallon aquarium to a high rise home for hamsters, gerbils and mice.
SKU # 5121486
Ware Manufacturing Chew-A-Lot Crunch Bunny
Manufacturing chew lot
Provide your small pet with a crunchy wood chew treat that promotes good dental health.
SKU # 5135334
Ware Manufacturing Small Nature Bar-Bell
Bar bell
This small Bar-Bell is sure to bring out your small pet's inner hulk .
SKU # 5135311
Ware Manufacturing Premium+Rabbit Run
Premium rabbit
Attaches to the Premium+Hutch (sold separately) to give your pet additional living space and a safe exercise area.
SKU # 5113500
Ware Manufacturing Nutty Stick Ball
Manufacturing nutty stick ball
Place this ball inside your small pet's home and watch as he chews his way through to the nutty surprise held inside .
SKU # 5135343
Ware Manufacturing Small Flying Saucer Wheel
Manufacturing small flying
Place this super silent spinning saucer inside your small pet's cage and let the good times roll .
SKU # 5135308
Small Pet Harness & Leash
Amp leash
This safe and comfortable pet harness and leash is as easy as 1-2-3 to use .
SKU # 5121507
Ware Treat-K-Bob
Treat bob
The refillable treat dispensing toy Safe for pets Fun cage toy Quality construction Promotes healthy teeth Comes complete with 3 free chews Supply your pet with tasty chew treats, healthy snacks, and a skewer filled with fun.
SKU # 5124987
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