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Hagen Vision Bird Pacifier
Hagen Vision Bird Pacifier
The natural sisal fibers of the Bird Pacifier keeps your pet entertained for hours of grooming fun. Perfect for all caged birds, such as canaries, finches, parakeets, etc.
Style # 2297066A

The Bird Pacifier helps alleviate boredom and reduce stress, both of which can lead to excessive feather plucking. The 100% natural sisal fiber encourages birds to groom the strands of the accessory when they feel the urge the groom. The pacifier acts as a distraction toy that keeps your bird amused and entertained with hours of grooming fun. The pacifier includes 1 replacement pacifier insert. Perfect for all caged birds, such as canaries, finches, parakeets, etc. Directions Install on the side of the cage, within easy reach of a perch. Can be installed on the side of the cage or suspended from the cage roof. Insert stem portion between the wire bars and twist to lock firmly in place. Made in Malaysia.

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Hagen Vision II Homes for Birds
Homes birds
The innovative Vision II Homes for Birds have pioneered a new less mess solution for the busy, health conscious pet owner. Available in two models: Small (Model S02) and Medium (Model M02).
SKU # 5126261
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