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Large Sifting Cat Litter Pan
Large Sifting Cat Litter Pan
Help control cat odors with this easy to use sifting cat pan.
Style # 2297066A

Made of high impact stain and odor resistant plastic, the Sifting Enclosed Cat Pan features a hood, door, and sifting system in a sleek modern design. There's no more digging through the litter with a litter scoop to remove waste Ideal for clumping litter, this easy to use system consists of two litter pans below a sifting pan. Just lift the screen to allow the litter to sift out, leaving clumps that you throw away. To help control and contain cat odors, the Sifting Enclosed Cat Pan features a removable Odor Door, Zeolite Filter, and hood. Four latches lock the hood to the sifter and bottom pans. The hood contains a convenient carrying handle. Features Easy to use Sifting Cat Pan for effortless litter changes. Odor Door, Zeolite Filter, & hood help control cat odors. An upscale new metallic platinum color compliments the sleek modern design. Convenient carrying handle. Four latches lock top to bottom. Instructions for Use First, stack the pans so that the sifting screen is on top and fill with clumping litter. To clean, just lift the sifting screen so that the excess litter sifts out into the pan, leaving the clumps behind. Throw out the clumps and replace the sifting screen in the empty pan. Move the litter from the full to the empty pan, restack, and you're finished Available in assorted colors. Please allow us to choose for you.

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