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USAopoly Dog-on-It Game
USAopoly Dog on It Game
Every dog has his day and kids ages 6 and older will have to be quick grabbin', bone snatchin' pooches to have theirs in this card game.
Style # 2297066A

The object of this pup tacular game is to avoid elimination by always being fast enough to grab a bone. The first player who has four of a kind can fetch a bone. This is the cue for the other players to make a made dash for the pile of bones. One player will be left empty handed and sent to the dog house. Set up Players sit in a circle and place a number of bones totaling one fewer than the number of players in the center of the circle 7 players = 6 bones. The bones should be placed with ends pointing outward so that they may be easily grabbed by any of the players. One person is designated first dealer and deals four cards to each player. The rest of the deck is placed in front of the dealer. This is called the draw pile. The dealer rotates to the right after each round. Cards should be reshuffled before each round. Playing the game Each player tries to make their four cards into a set of four of a kind four queens, four twos, etc. by drawing new cards and discarding accordingly. The dealer starts the round by drawing the top card from the draw pile and adding it to their hand so that they now have five cards. The dealer chooses one of these five cards and discards it, passing it face down to the player on their right. That player will pick up the single card discarded by the dealer and discard one card to the player on their right. The last player in the circle discards into a separate pile that does not get re circulated. Details 4 8 players Ages 6+ Components Deck of 52 doggy themed playing cards 7 dog on it bones Made in China.

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