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Triple Pet Dental Kit
Triple Pet Dental Kit
This toothbrush and toothpaste combo from Triple Pet will help you keep your dog's teeth clean, warding off bad breath and gum disease.
Style # 2297066A

Use Triple Pet's dental kit to help maintain your pet's dental hygiene and prevent periodontal disease. This innovative toothbrush features three flexible heads that fit teeth of all sizes. The brushes wrap around teeth, allowing all three sides to be brushed at one time. The outermost bristles are extra soft to massage the gums and are at the correct 45 degree angle to clean below the gum line. The handle is reinforced with extra heavy duty padding making it ideal for brushing your pet's teeth. In addition to your pets, the toothbrush is also great for kids and individuals with limited hand, wrist, and/or arm movement. Along with the toothbrush, you'll receive a tube of all natural vanilla flavored toothpaste that's naturally sweetened with Stevia. This non foaming formula contains no sugar or artificial sweeteners and contains tea tree oil to promote healthy gums. Toothpaste Ingredients Water, sorbitol, kaolin, hydrated silica, tetrasodium and tetrapotassium phosphate, glycerine, guar gum, vanilla, stevia, tee tree oil. Instructions for Use Squeeze a small, pea size amount of toothpaste onto brush. Gently brush teeth using short horizontal strokes. Be sure to reach the back of the teeth and all sides of each tooth. No rinsing necessary. Made in the USA.

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