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ToyShoppe ? Plush Cat-O-Lantern
ToyShoppe ? Plush Cat O Lantern
Now your pup can finally catch that kitty; and it doubles as a squeak toy!.
Style # 2297066A

This kitty pops out of a pumpkin for playtime With a large squeak toy in its center, this toy is long lasting and perfect for medium sized dogs. It also has a string for hanging. All dogs are different, that's what makes them so great. Dogs of the same breed share common traits but even those traits have varying degrees. Some dogs have larger personalities, some are stronger, and some have activity levels through the roof while others just like to lay around in the shade. When given a toy, one dog will nurture it, another will destroy it, and a third might bury it out back and cover it with leaves. Knowing how your dog is going to react and treat a toy is important, so always keep an eye on them as they play. Toys that become torn in pieces can become hazards and should be discarded. For those dogs that do rip apart toys, another type of toy might be something to think about. This toy is made in China from new material polyester fiber.

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ToyShoppe? Puppy's First Trick or Treater
Toyshoppe puppy first trick treater
Brightly colored and fuzzy, with a squeak toy tummy, he can be your pup's first trick or treater .
SKU # 5132476
ToyShoppe? Puppy's First Halloween Bear
First halloween
This extra soft, extra plush teddy bear is amped up for the season as a pumpkin, perfect for puppy's first fright fest .
SKU # 5132396
ToyShoppe? Plush Black Halloween Bear
Toyshoppe plush black halloween bear
Orange and black festive bear with squeak toy in his tummy, this toy is ideal for smaller dogs.
SKU # 5132440
ToyShoppe? Plush Kooky Halloween Dog Toys
Toyshoppe plush kooky halloween dog toys
Create your own monster mash-up with these Kooky Halloween plush dog toys.
SKU # 5132385
ToyShoppe? Loofa Hot Dog
Toyshoppe loofa
This is a fat hot dog. Almost Chicago style fat. But it only has a red hot and mustard on the bun. Juicy This is a treat he's sure to enjoy.
SKU # 5130026
ToyShoppe?  Plush Halloween Kitty
Plush halloween
A simple squeaker doll, great for smaller breeds who are light chewers and love to chase kitties .
SKU # 5132441
ToyShoppe? Extra Downy Witch Bear
Downy witch
This tiny lovable witch bear is a fantastic squeak toy for smaller dogs, especially toy breeds.
SKU # 5132399
ToyShoppe? Hawaiian Loofa Dog
Toyshoppe hawaiian
The surf is up for this smiling wave rider Your pup will love this toy on those 'lake days' when he can't hit the waves.
SKU # 5130050
ToyShoppe? Chef Bobo Loofa Dog Toys
Toyshoppe chef bobo
Cook up some fun with these classic bobo loofa dog toys Each are dressed in a chef ensemble to give your dog an extra taste of fun during playtime.
SKU # 5130025
ToyShoppe? Girl/Boy Bobo Loofa Dog Toys
Loofa dog
A perfect playtime pal for your favorite four-legged furry boy or girl. No dog's toy box should be without these timeless classics .
SKU # 5130029
ToyShoppe? Plush Top Hat Bear
Hat bear
A toy dog's dream, you would never guess that this chenille-covered bear with satin paws is hiding a squeaker in its tummy .
SKU # 5132477
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