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Lil' Paw Squeaky Plush Bone
Lil 039 Paw Squeaky Plush Bone
Your little man loves this toy, but that doesn't necessarily make him a Blue Dog The Boll Weevils would have liked this toy too .
SKU # 5002794
Toy Shoppe?  Halloween Plush Arched Black Cat Dog Toy
Toy Shoppe Halloween Plush Arched Black Cat Dog Toy
Your dog will look like one cool cat with this Halloween plush Arched Black Cat toy complete with purple bow tie.
SKU # 5132596
ToyShoppe Plush? BowWow Spider
ToyShoppe Plush BowWow Spider
You couldn't find a more irresistible Halloween toy for your dog It's perfect for cuddle and playtime.
SKU # 5132345
ToyShoppe Plush? Evil Witch
ToyShoppe Plush Evil Witch
Dogs love witches, and with one eye missing, she won't even see your pooch's attack coming.
SKU # 5132352
ToyShoppe?  Bears in Costumes
ToyShoppe Bears in Costumes
Covered in soft chenille fur, these precious bears hardly seem spooky at all. If it weren't for their costumes, they might never get any candy.
SKU # 5132515
ToyShoppe?  Classic Halloween Bears
ToyShoppe Classic Halloween Bears
Small irresistible bears, extra soft and plush Your puppy or small dog will love to cuddle up to this toy.
SKU # 5132536
ToyShoppe?  Crinkle Feet Toys
ToyShoppe Crinkle Feet Toys
Fantastic for puppies and medium sized breeds, these crinkle toys have lanky legs provide extraordinary fun .
SKU # 5132534
ToyShoppe?  Extra Plush Frankenstein
ToyShoppe Extra Plush Frankenstein
With one large squeaker and a colorful suit, this Frankenstein is perfect for larger dogs .
SKU # 5132327
ToyShoppe?  Flat Disk Pastel Squeakers
ToyShoppe Flat Disk Pastel Squeakers
Plush flat disks with a squeaker in the center. Smaller dogs love these because there's great grip for their paws and they're so durable .
SKU # 5132472
ToyShoppe?  Flying Bat Squeakers
ToyShoppe Flying Bat Squeakers
Adorable bats with large wingspan for gnawing amusement, and tummy squeaker. Superb for medium sized dogs.
SKU # 5132590
ToyShoppe?  Halloween Monster Cat & Spider Dog Toys
ToyShoppe Halloween Monster Cat amp Spider Dog Toys
Conjure up some hocus-pocus fun for you and your dog with these fleece Halloween Cat and Spider plush toys.
SKU # 5132532
ToyShoppe?  Halloween Tennis Balls
ToyShoppe Halloween Tennis Balls
Choose between a plush cat or witch tennis ball, suitable for large breeds.
SKU # 5132339
ToyShoppe?  Idle Hand Pumpkin Plush
ToyShoppe Idle Hand Pumpkin Plush
Which to attack first The smiling Jack O' Lantern, or the monster hand Only your dog can decide..
SKU # 5132323
ToyShoppe?  Laughing Plush Bungee
ToyShoppe Laughing Plush Bungee
These plush Halloween toys have flexible bungee arms and legs, and once squeezed, your dog will be in for a surprise .
SKU # 5132539
ToyShoppe?  Plush Dracula Dog Toy with Rope & Squeaker
ToyShoppe Plush Dracula Dog Toy with Rope amp Squeaker
You'll have hours of fun playing Transylvania Tug with your pup and this vampire-licious tugging toy.
SKU # 5132320
ToyShoppe?  Plush Frankenstein/Witch Rope
ToyShoppe Plush Frankenstein Witch Rope
The perfect tug of war toy for large dogs; two rope loops planted firmly from a Frankenstein or witch's head, provide tremendous stability and guarantees even the strongest dog can't break it.
SKU # 5132579
ToyShoppe?  Plush Ghost of Darkness Dog Toy
ToyShoppe Plush Ghost of Darkness Dog Toy
No need to fear this reaper Despite its spooky appearance, the Ghost of Darkness plush toy is a real softie.
SKU # 5132343
ToyShoppe?  Plush Holiday Squeaker
ToyShoppe Plush Holiday Squeaker
Simple and fun plush squeakers for the Halloween season Perfect for small to medium sized dogs.
SKU # 5132330
ToyShoppe?  Rope with Donut Rings
ToyShoppe Rope with Donut Rings
Available as a ghost or bat, these toys connect a rope and two plush donuts. Great for chewing and toss and retrieve.
SKU # 5132349
ToyShoppe?  Rope Wrapped Vinyl Bone
ToyShoppe Rope Wrapped Vinyl Bone
Thick vinyl bone with braided rope wrapped around center. Ideal for medium dogs who are heavy chewers .
SKU # 5132447
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