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Tetra Pond Barley & Peat Extract
Tetra Pond Barley & Peat Extract
Reduces pond maintenance and results in naturally clear water. Safe for fish and plants. Replaces barley bales. Treats 1250 gallons.
Style # 2297066A

8.54 fl. oz. Keeps pond water naturally clear through the release of beneficial humid acids. Regular use prevents discolored pond water and maintains the natural beauty of waterfalls. Contains natural components from barley straw extracts and peat extract. Safe for fish and plants when used as directed. Principal Ingredients peat extract, , barley straw extract. For outdoor ornamental ponds only.

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Tetra Pond Spring and Fall Diet
Tetra pond spring
Help transition your pond fish in and out of winter.
SKU # 5079504
Tetra Pond Variety Sticks
Tetra pond variety sticks
A variety of food sticks that enhance color for goldfish or koi.
SKU # 1031634
Tetrafauna Aquatic Reptile Heater
Reptile heater
Specially designed for aquatic reptile terrariums.
SKU # 5111830
Tetra Pond Floating Koi Sticks
Tetra pond floating
Staple diet for Koi and other pond fish. Contains natural color enhancers.
SKU # 1031243
Tetra Pond Floating Food Sticks
Tetra pond floating
Complete nutrition for all cold water pond fish.
SKU # 1031253
Tetrapond Spring and Fall Diet
Fall diet
Tetrapond's Spring & Fall Diet for Koi and all other pond fish is made with wheatgerm to help transition fish in and out of winter.
SKU # 5129996
Tetra Pond Water Clarifier
Tetra pond
Helps to prevent cloudy water when used with a filter. Removes suspended algae.
SKU # 2031154
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