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Travel Size Cat Urine Stink-Finder&reg UV Light
Travel Size Cat Urine Stink Finder&reg UV Light
The ultra violet light of the Stink Finder will help you locate hidden sources of pet odor so you can eliminate them for good. Plus, receive a free 8 oz. bottle of Stink Free Instantly! Pet Urine Odor Remover.
Style # 2297066A

If you've tried everything and you still have problem pet odors in your home, they're probably hidden in places you can't see. Use the portable Stink Finder to check in corners, under beds, behind furniture and other out of the spots to help you locate the hidden sources of odor regular cleaning might miss. Stink Finder Ultra Violet Light & Flashlight quickly and easily helps locate invisible sources of pet odor. The Stink Finder illuminates invisible sources of pet odor and human odor and other biological contaminants and makes them visible, including urine, vomit, feces, saliva, semen and blood. Uses four AA batteries not included. Stink Finder is small, lightweight, cordless and portable, making it easy to inspect the less accessible areas where pet accidents occur, and it is great for travel. Measures 6.25 x 2. Directions 1. Turn on the Stink Finder flashlight and darken room. Room must be dark. 2. When ready to inspect area for contamination, switch on Stink Finder ultra violet light. 3. Hold Stink Finder ultra violet light above the surface to inspect for contamination. Other Uses for Stink Finder Ringworm Stink Finder will fluoresce many types of ringworm and make it easier to see and diagnose. Broken Glass Stink Finder can help make small pieces of broken glass easier to see. Counterfeit Currency Detector Stink Finder fluoresces the ultraviolet strip in bills. Travel Stink Finder can help inspect hotel/motel/hospital accommodations for cleanliness. Plus, receive a free 8 oz. bottle of Stink Free Instantly Pet Urine Odor Remover.

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