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T-Rex Calci-Sand for Hermit Crabs
T Rex Calci Sand for Hermit Crabs
A fine, granular calciferous sand specially prepared to be the safest hermit crab beach substrate.
Style # 2297066A

A fine, granular calciferous sand specially prepared to be the safest hermit crab beach substrate. This substrate is also perfect for small desert reptiles. The mineral sand is safe in direct contact with heating elements. It conducts heat well and suitable for use with heat mats or cable buried under it to a shallow depth. It does not harbor mites nor growth of mold or fungus. T Rex Calci Sand for Hermit Crabs makes spot cleaning both easy and pleasant. It clumps readily to wet waste material, drying it and preventing it from being spread. FDA approved natural food colorants. Directions for use The depth of T Rex Calci Sand for Hermit Crabs used will depend upon the amount needed for modeling hills and valleys, and whether the inhabitant likes to dig or not. It is recommended that the Calci Sand for Hermit Crabs is spot cleaned daily, or as necessary, and completely replaced every six months. The source and development of the calcium used in T Rex's Bone Aid series of products, which includes Calci Sand has a long history. Over 300,000,000 years ago, during the Mississippian Age, a large graveyard of marine animals, similar to today's oyster, was formed under very favorable conditions in a shallow marine environment. These marine animal remains, composed of calcium carbonate, were then cemented together with calcium carbonate precipitated out of the premordial sea. This deposit was then further purified and metamorphosed by various natural geologic processes including high pressure caused by further decomposition and high temperature resulting from intrusions of hot magma. Over time, the deposit has raised up, and subsequent erosion has left it exposed and available to T Rex today. Available in a 2 lb. 896 g bag.

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T-Rex Shell Food/Water Dishes
Rex shell food water dishes
Natural seashells make perfect bowls to serve your land hermit crab its food and water.
SKU # 5092124
T-Rex? Aspen Bed? Snake & Reptile Substrate
Rex aspen bed
Snake and reptile substrate ideal for corn and king snakes and fat-tailed geckos.
SKU # 5102399
T-Rex Wetlands Coconut Bowl
Coconut bowl
Wetlands Coconut Bowl provides a naturalistic bowl in any tropical terrarium.
SKU # 5125832
T-Rex&reg Bio-Mist Reptile Skin Conditioner Spray
Rex amp reg bio
This moisturizing spray helps to condition the skin of reptiles who normally inhabit lush, tropical environments.
SKU # 2051062
T-Rex Terrascape Terra Terrain Background for 10 Gallon Terrariums
Rex terrascape
100% natural, biodegradable and non-toxic. Velcro for easy installation. Natural climbing surface for reptiles and amphibians. Excellent nutrient-rich material for climbing plants.
SKU # 5120965
T-Rex Cobra Heat Pads
Rex cobra
The favorite heat pad of European herp owners is now available in America.
SKU # 5035889
T-Rex Reptile Comfort Leash
Reptile comfort
Fashion Leather Harness with pivoting safety clasp and 36 nylon lead.
SKU # 1851520
T-Rex Crab Island Heat Mat
Rex crab island
T-Rex Hermit Crab Heat Mats use UL-listed components and safe for use with plastic habitats.
SKU # 5092121
T-Rex Extra Large Hermit Home
Rex extra
Natural, extra large seashell for growing land hermit crabs.
SKU # 5092122
T-Rex Hermit Homes
Rex hermit
Natural seashells for growing land hermit crabs.
SKU # 5075653
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