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T-Rex Crab Shack
T Rex Crab Shack
Natural coconut shell half makes a perfect home for your land hermit crab.
SKU # 5092106
T-Rex Cricket Preserver 2-Pack
T Rex Cricket Preserver 2 Pack
The professional breeder's husbandry technique for keeping water clean and free of drowned crickets.
SKU # 5095921
T-Rex Cypress Bed Premium Reptile Substrate
T Rex Cypress Bed Premium Reptile Substrate
Premium reptile bedding contains twice milled cypress for softness and cleanliness. Ideal for boas, tortoises, and crested geckos.
SKU # 5095700
T-Rex Daylight Bulb
T Rex Daylight Bulb
Replicate the necessary light and heat of your reptile's natural environment.
SKU # 5037520
T-Rex Dayspot Light Bulb
T Rex Dayspot Light Bulb
Replicate the necessary light and heat of your reptile's natural environment.
SKU # 5035903
T-Rex Extra Large Hermit Home
T Rex Extra Large Hermit Home
Natural, extra large seashell for growing land hermit crabs.
SKU # 5092122
T-Rex Frog Moss
T Rex Frog Moss
Frog Moss is a dormant plant that comes to life when placed in a terrarium and watered. This plant if often referred as frog moss.
SKU # 5122266
T-Rex Hermit Homes
T Rex Hermit Homes
Natural seashells for growing land hermit crabs.
SKU # 5075653
T-Rex Peek-A-View Burrow
T Rex Peek A View Burrow
Place this foam insert inside your terrarium to view terrestrial animals that spend most of the day hidden in burrows or shelters.
SKU # 5127938
T-Rex Reptile Comfort Leash
T Rex Reptile Comfort Leash
Fashion Leather Harness with pivoting safety clasp and 36 nylon lead.
SKU # 1851520
T-Rex Rock Ridge Background - 10 Gallon
T Rex Rock Ridge Background 10 Gallon
This 3-dimensional foam background adds a naturalistic look to terrariums.
SKU # 5128278
T-Rex Rockview Cavern Reptile Hide-Out
T Rex Rockview Cavern Reptile Hide Out
This foam insert provides gives vivariums a natural look and provides a great basking and resting area.
SKU # 5127937
T-Rex SandFire Super Foods(tm)
T Rex SandFire Super Foods tm
Species-specific dusts that complete the nutritional value of feeder insects. Contains all-natural, human grade food ingredients.
SKU # 5094158
T-Rex Shell Food/Water Dishes
T Rex Shell Food Water Dishes
Natural seashells make perfect bowls to serve your land hermit crab its food and water.
SKU # 5092124
T-Rex Terrascape Terra Terrain Background for 10 Gallon Terrariums
T Rex Terrascape Terra Terrain Background for 10 Gallon Terrariums
100% natural, biodegradable and non-toxic. Velcro for easy installation. Natural climbing surface for reptiles and amphibians. Excellent nutrient-rich material for climbing plants.
SKU # 5120965
T-Rex Thermometers and Humidity Gauges
T Rex Thermometers and Humidity Gauges
Accurate, easy-to-read dial-type thermometer and humidity gauge for use in all reptile habitats.
SKU # 2851020
T-Rex Tortoise Dry Formula
T Rex Tortoise Dry Formula
100% Vegetable diet offers complete nutrition and high fiber for all tortoises.
SKU # 5037615
T-Rex Turtle Beach Vivarium Background - 20 Gallon
T Rex Turtle Beach Vivarium Background 20 Gallon
Make your turtle feel at home with this foam vivarium background that features a basking area and provides instant landscaping.
SKU # 5127936
T-Rex Wetlands Coconut Bowl
T Rex Wetlands Coconut Bowl
Wetlands Coconut Bowl provides a naturalistic bowl in any tropical terrarium.
SKU # 5125832
T-Rex&reg Bio-Mist Reptile Skin Conditioner Spray
T Rex amp reg Bio Mist Reptile Skin Conditioner Spray
This moisturizing spray helps to condition the skin of reptiles who normally inhabit lush, tropical environments.
SKU # 2051062
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