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Brown's Treats for Small Animals
Brown's Treats for Small Animals
Brown's Wild and Crunchy Treat 16 oz. (453 g) resealable package.
Style # 2297066A

Two yummy treat varieties for your rabbit, guinea pig, hamster, or other small pet. Farm Fresh Fixins Comes loaded with dried vegetables, fruits, and nuts. An especially enticing treat for rabbits. Ingredients Oat groats, whole kernel corn, almonds, sunflower hearts, shelled peanuts, apricots, green peas, sweet potato, white potato, dark raisins, golden raisins, carrots, apple, and pepitas. Guaranteed analysis Contains a minimum of 15% protein and 9.5% fat. Contains a maximum of 6.5% fiber and 15% moisture. Wild Crunchy 'n Chunky Comes loaded with chewy fruit, exotic nuts, and other crunchy delicacies. Ingredients Oat groats, sunflower hearts, whole kernel corn, bananas, dark raisins, pitted dates, coconut, golden raisins, papaya, pineapple, shelled peanuts, almonds, mango, green peas, shelled pistachio, corn nuts, and shelled Brazil nuts. Guaranteed analysis Contains a minimum of 14% protein and 20% fat. Contains a maximum of 12% fiber and 15% moisture. Treats should not exceed 20% of pet's total daily dietary intake.

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