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Super Pet&reg CritterTrail&reg Primary Critter Home
Super Pet&reg CritterTrail&reg Primary Critter Home
CritterTrail Primary is the perfect starter home for all small animal lovers!.
Style # 2297066A

CritterTrail® Primary is the perfect starter home for all small animal lovers Features an E Z Access Wire Top Door that is easy to open, so you can get in and out of your critter's home without any difficulty. Includes a Hanging Naptime Nest designed with your pet's comfort in mind. It's the perfect place for your critter to catch some Zs, hide or just relax. Comes complete with a water bottle, food dish and exercise wheel. Completely compatible with all CritterTrail® accessories and universally connects to Habitrail® and S.A.M. tm systems. Perfect for Hamsters, Gerbils, Dwarf Hamsters, and Mice. Includes 10 oz. water bottle, sturdy food dish, safe and quiet exercise wheel, hanging grassy nest for sleeping. CritterTrail® Primary Critter Home Features A Breath of Fresh Air The unique combination of wire and durable plastic provides quality air flow throughout the home E Z Access The E Z Access Wire Top Door creates a wide opening for you to get in and out of the cage Safe & Quiet Wheel Gives your furry friend the perfect fitness center for its active lifestyle with the benefit of a super safe, silent spinning design Essential Living Space Provides small animal pets with an ideal amount of living space Deep Scatter less Base The superior plastic construction is stain/odor resistant and the high sides eliminate scattered food, litter and messes Kid Kind Cleaning The simple to remove Scatter less Base and E Z to remove Rooftop make cleaning as easy as 1 2 3 Water Bottle & Food Dish The dishwasher safe food dish and drip resistant water bottle ensure a liberal supply of food and water for your pet Perfect Nap Place The all natural Hanging Grassy Nest provides the ideal Naptime Hideout Dimensions 16 L x 10.5 W x 10 H. Made in the USA.

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Super Pet? CritterTrail? Expansion Kits
Crittertrail kits
Kits offer an easy way to expand any CritterTrail Home (sold separately) at a great value compared to purchasing accessories individually.
SKU # 5096037
Super Pet? Itty Bitty Igloo
Bitty igloo
The coolest hideout for tiny pets.
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SuperPet Chinchilla Bath House
Superpet chinchilla
Chinchilla Bathouse, 9L x 9.25 W x 8.5 H .
SKU # 5009479
Super Pet? Crinkle Tunnel for Small Pets
Tunnel small
Provides crinkly crackly fun for all your furry friends.
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Super Pet(r) Keep-A-Critter Small Pet Home or Carrier
Keep critter small
Super Pet Keep-A-Critter Small Pet Home or Carrier - Small (6 1/4 H x 8 L) .
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Super Pet&reg Extreme My First Home - 2-Story
Amp reg
The perfect 2-story home for your pet hamster or gerbil.
SKU # 5124740
Super Pet? Hamster Litter
Hamster litter
Hamster Outhouse Litter - 1 lb. Box.
SKU # 5035320
Super Pet? Giant Igloo
Giant igloo
Super Pet Giant Igloo - 16L x 12 W x 8.25 H .
SKU # 5072781
Super Pet? Crispy Catchers
Crispy catchers
Super Pet Crispy Catchers.
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SuperPet Run-About Hamtrac
Superpet run
Hamtrac, 17.75L x 3.5 W x 9.25 H .
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Super Pet&reg Little Crab Shack
Little crab
This beach front hermit crab habitat comes with everything a hermit crab needs Just add food and water.
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Waffle Blocks from Super Pet
Waffle Blocks, Medium.
SKU # 5072778
Welcome Home Multi-Level Habitats
Welcome home multi
Super premium, quality home provides ferrets or chinchillas multi-level, expanded living space for exercise and exploration.
SKU # 5113253
Super Pet? Hamster Potty
Hamster potty
Super Pet Hamster Potty - 5.75 L x 3.5 W x 3.5 H .
SKU # 5062500
SuperPet Critter Canteens
Superpet canteens
Critter Canteen, 16oz.
SKU # 5056946
Super Pet&reg Deluxe My First Home Cage for Exotics
Amp reg
Give your exotic critter the comfort of a deluxe 3-story home with over 8 square feet of living space .
SKU # 5124704
Super Pet? Tropical Hide-Out
Tropical out
Super Pet Tropical Hide-Out.
SKU # 5098636
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