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Stokes Select Seed Tube Feeder
Stokes Select Seed Tube Feeder
Every yard needs this basic, versatile tube feeder to attract a variety of birds. Holds up to one pound of sunflower or mixed seed.
Style # 2297066A

This versatile feeder holds a number of seed types and attracts a wide variety of birds. When filled with sunflower seed or mixed seed, the Seed Tube Feeder attracts Cardinals, Black capped Chickadees, Grosbeaks, Goldfinches, and more. The Seed Tube Feeder is specially designed with ergonomic perches to offer great comfort to birds while they feed. The roof top design on portals sheds rain to keep seed dry. Because there are only two screws to unfasten, the Seed Tube Feeder can be disassembled quickly for easy cleaning. For long lasting use and beauty, the die cast parts are polyester powder coated in an attractive, subtle dark green color. Both the die cast parts and the polycarbonate tube are durable and weather resistant. Feeder comes with a large hanging ring compatible with all of Stokes Select® hanging accessories. Dimensions 15.75 x 5.00 x 3.56 Capacity 1 lb. Seed Mix or Sunflowers Color Verde Vein.

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Stokes Squirrel-Proof Feeder
Stokes squirrel proof feeder
A feeder designed to invite small songbirds in, but keep squirrels and undesirable birds out. Holds up to one pound of sunflower or mixed seed.
SKU # 5066443
Stokes Select(r) Giant Combo Feeder
Giant combo feeder
Attracts cardinals, chickadees, nuthatches, finches, woodpeckers and more.
SKU # 5108292
Stokes Select(r) Finch Screen Feeder
Finch screen
Attracts all varieties of finches. The seed diverter helps keep seed fresh and moves seed into feeding area.
SKU # 5108294
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