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Stink Free Odor Control Litter Spray
Stink Free Odor Control Litter Spray
Instantly eliminates odor in all types of litter and litter boxes. Helps keep scoopable litters from sticking to the box. Works with all types of litter.
Style # 2297066A

Stink Free Instantly Litter & Litter Box Spray is a revolutionary spray powder formula that instantly eliminates dirty litter odor, prevents scoopable litters from sticking to the box and stops litter box contamination. It penetrates the microscopic pores in plastic where odors hide and grow and creates a physical and chemical barrier to stop odor contamination. Can be used at every litter change; in fact, a light spray daily will help keep litter its freshest. Leaves a light, baby powder scent. Works with all litters and litter boxes. Directions Important Shake well before using to mix powder. Litter Application Hold Stink Free Instantly approximately 8 away from litter and generously coat the entire surface. Reapply whenever necessary. Stink Free Instantly is safe to use as often as you like, and a light dusting each day will keep your litter box its freshest. Litter Box Application Hold Stink Free Instantly approximately 8 away from litter box and coat the entire bottom of the box. Allow about 30 seconds to dry, then add litter. When changing litter, spot apply Stink Free Instantly to any areas scraped clean from use. Completely reapply whenever you wash your litter box. Available in a 12 oz. aerosol can.

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Stink Free Zone Cat Pan Deodorizer
Pan deodorizer
Fresh scent deodorizers trap and destroy litter box odors before they become a problem. Simply stick to the side of the box. Pack of 2.
SKU # 5015707
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