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Catnip Balls Cat Toy
Catnip Balls Cat Toy
Fill these rugged balls with catnip and let the good times roll! Pack of 2.
Style # 2297066A

Rugged catnip fillable balls provide hours of fun. Rugged, wear resistant plastic. Includes bag of fresh catnip. 2 in diameter, 2 pack.

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Pro-Stop! No-Tug Harness
Pro stop tug harness
Stops your dog from pulling without causing pain.
SKU # 5034168
Flashing dog Safe-T-Tag Bone
Flashing dog safe
Increase the safety of your pet at night with this ultra-bright bone-shaped Safe-T-Tag with ID label on the back .
SKU # 5119046
Flashing Dog Safe-T-Tag Heart
Flashing dog safe
Increase the safety of your pet at night with this ultra-bright Safe-T-Tag with ID label on the back .
SKU # 5119044
Heard That Bird? Cat Toys
Heard bird
Plush bird makes a realistic chirping sound that's sure to keep your cat guessing. Is it a real bird or not Kitty will have a great time trying to find out .
SKU # 5058370
Spotnips Buzzer Cat Toys
Nips buzzer
This toy takes teaser wands to the next level Plush toys buzz and their eyes light up as kitty bats and chases.
SKU # 5058288
Cy-purr Mouse Sound Activated Cat Toy
Purr mouse sound
Watch your cat go crazy as this futuristic toy comes to life with lights, sounds and motion. Just say action .
SKU # 5009414
Zap Ball Flash 'n Sound Dog Toy
Zap ball flash
Light up your dog's play, day or night, with the Zap Ball. Its flashing lights will grab your dog's attention and the eight wacky sounds it makes on impact will keep it .
SKU # 5012034
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