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SeaClear 50 Gallon System II Aquariums
SeaClear 50 Gallon System II Aquariums
These ready to run systems offers the ultimate in convenience. An efficient wet/dry filtration system is built right into the back of the sparkling acrylic aquarium.
Style # 2297066A

The easiest way to create a breathtaking fresh or saltwater aquarium set up is with the SeaClear System II Aquariums. They're equipped with a wet/dry filtration system which accomodates biological, chemical and mechanical filtration media, as well as space for a heater and SeaClear Protein Skimmer if needed each sold separately. The tank itself is SeaClear's sparkling acrylic, with smooth rounded corners for great looks and safety. Convenient, efficient and economical to run. You will need to purchase an air pump and lighting in order to begin using your System II Aquarium. SeaClear tm acrylic aquariums, manufactured by CASCO Group, Inc., carry the limited lifetime warranty against leakage. System II Wet/Dry Filtration System features 4 way adjustable skimmer gate prevents fish from entering filter Quick change prefilter makes cleaning simple Heater or Optional Protein Skimmer chamber Bio Aire Driptray distributes water evenly over biological filtration and enhances aeration High surface area biological media Air injection nozzle Media tray for chemical and carbon filtration 350 gph submersible pump Clear slot to view water level in filter Turbulence manifold for circulation unsurpassed by any other built in filter Aquarium Dimensions 36 L x 15 W x 20 H.

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SeaClear(tm) 50 Gallon Tanks
Gallon tanks
SeaClear's 50 gallon acrylic tanks include a 24 UL listed fluorescent light fixture (bulb not included) and lifetime limited guarantee.
SKU # 5073993
SeaClear Protein Skimmer for System II Aquariums
Protein skimmer
Designed for use in SeaClear System II Aquariums supporting a saltwater environment.
SKU # 5074229
SeaClear(tm) 40 Gallon System II Aquariums
Gallon aquariums
These ready-to-run systems offers the ultimate in convenience. An efficient wet/dry filtration system is built right into the back of the sparkling acrylic aquarium.
SKU # 5073988
SeaClear(tm) 40 Gallon Tall Eclipse 3 Compatible Aquariums
Compatible aquariums
Specially designed for use with the Eclipse 3 Filtration/Lighting system (sold separately). Creates a beautiful, efficient set-up with minimal effort. Includes a lifetime limited warranty.
SKU # 5073952
SeaClear 50 Gallon Tanks with Skimmer Box
Gallon tanks
A built-in Skimmer Box makes these SeaClear 50 gallon aquariums a versatile choice. Use with anything from wet/dry trickle filters to single or multistage canister systems. Lifetime limited warranty.
SKU # 5073940
SeaClear 8 Gallon Hexagon Deluxe Kit
Gallon hexagon
Simply add gravel, water, and fish, then start enjoying the tranquil sights and sounds of underwater life.
SKU # 5073964
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