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Pet Hair-Snare by Rinse ACE
Pet Hair Snare by Rinse ACE
A quick and effective way to prevent pet hair from clogging the drain during baths. Fits most sink, shower and tub drains.
Style # 2297066A

Washing your pet has never been easier for you and your pet if you bathe your pet indoors. You know that one of the problems can be clogged drains from the pet hair. The Pet Hair Snare solves that problem by catching pet hair before it can go down the drain. Self sealing, flexible base fits most sinks, showers and tub drains. Raised screen fits pop up stoppers. Great for everyday use to prevent hair clogs.

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Rinse ACE Bathing Mats
Bathing mats
Cushioned bath mats comfort your pet while protecting your tub and shower from nail scratches.
SKU # 5089879
X-Large Microfiber Towel
Large microfiber towel
Dry your pet faster with this ultra-soft, super absorbent, fast-drying towel.
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Rinse ACE Bathing Tethers
Bathing tethers
Helps to hold your pet comfortably in place while keeping your hands free .
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Rinse Ace Shower Hose Kit
Shower kit
One-handed pet bathing kit you use in your shower.
SKU # 5017490
Rinse ACE Indoor/Outdoor Pet Sprayer
Outdoor pet
A quick and convenient way to bathe your dog inside or outdoors. Securely attaches to any faucet or spigot. Flexible 8-foot cord for versatility.
SKU # 5017487
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