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Rep-Cal Calcium with Vitamin D3 Ultrafine Powder
Rep Cal Calcium with Vitamin D3 Ultrafine Powder
An excellent source of calcium for all reptiles and amphibians. Formulated from 100% oyster shell calcium.
Style # 2297066A

Rep Cal Ultrafine fine grind is an excellent source of calcium for all reptiles and amphibians. Scientifically formulated from 100% natural Oyster Shell phosphorous free calcium carbonate with added Vitamin D3 to aid in the absorption of calcium. Dosage For best results, mix Rep Cal with Herptivite multivitamin supplement. Mix with vegetables, fruits, and pastes approximately 1/2 tablespoon Rep Cal with 1/2 tablespoon Herptivite per pound of food. Before feeding insects 1. Thoroughly mix a 1 1 ratio of Rep Cal and Herptivite in a plastic bag. 2. Place insects in the bag. 3. Shake slowly until they are completely covered. No other supplementation is required. Size 4.1 oz 116g Made in the USA.

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