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Rena Automatic Fish Feeder
Rena Automatic Fish Feeder
Automate the feeding of your fish.
SKU # 5116837
Rena FilStar Bio Chem Zorb
Rena FilStar Bio Chem Zorb
Removes dissolved organic waste and other aquarium pollutants. A blend of resins and activated filtration carbon. In a convenient, ready-to-use pouch.
SKU # 5016443
Rena FilStar Bio-Chem Stars
Rena FilStar Bio Chem Stars
Bio-Chem Stars are a biological filtration medium that provide a substrate for the optimum growth of beneficial bacteria. For fresh and saltwater aquariums.
SKU # 5079398
Rena FilStar External Canister Filters
Rena FilStar External Canister Filters
Self-priming filter systems are adaptable to all types of aquariums. Offers quiet, efficient operation and a 2-year manufacturer's warranty.
SKU # 5016940
Rena FilStar Foam Pads
Rena FilStar Foam Pads
Fine foam pads. Filters fine particles, such as sediment and fish waste. Special open-cell design for free water flow.
SKU # 5016444
Rena FilStar Micro-Filtration Pads
Rena FilStar Micro Filtration Pads
Remove extremely fine waste, sediment and particles from water. Help clear cloudy water. Polishes water to help make it crystal clear.
SKU # 5016442
Rena FilStar XP MicroFiltration+
Rena FilStar XP MicroFiltration
Fits FilStar XP. Bicomponent progressive microfiltration. Captures even the smallest particles during water changes.
SKU # 5119420
Rena Smart Filter & Filter Cartridge
Rena Smart Filter amp Filter Cartridge
Effective triple filtration for a balanced aquarium.
SKU # 5118074
Rena SmartHeater
Rena SmartHeater
This heater integrates with all Rena filters. Easily attaches to all XP and Smartfilters to replace intake tube.
SKU # 5116336
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