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R-7 3 Step Ear Cleaner System
R 7 3 Step Ear Cleaner System
R 7 Ear Cleaner reduces ear problems and ear odor by stopping them before they start.
Style # 2297066A

Excess moisture causes big problems in many pets' ears. The result is often smelly, itchy infections that are hard to clear up and damaging to the pet. R 7 Ear Cleaner reduces ear problems and ear odor by stopping them before they start. Non staining formula is safe and effective for use on dogs and cats. For best results, use all three steps sequentially. Use Step 1 , Ear Powder, to remove excess hair and debris from ears, keep ears dry and reduce odor. Use prior to R 7 Ear Cleaner. R 7 Ear Powder contains Rosin Grip to improve grip and reduce slip. Use Step 2 , Ear Cleaner, for routine cleaning and odor control around the ear canal. It also aids to remove ear wax and debris. Use after Step 1, R 7 Ear Powder, and before Step 3, R 7 Ear Drying Creme. Click here to shop for Step 2. Use Step 3 , Drying Ear Creme, to keep ears dry reduce odor. Use after step R 7 Ear Drying Creme.

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R7 Natural Drying Creme
Natural drying creme
This natural creme helps control ear odor and keeps ears dry.
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R-7 Liquid Bandage Spray
Bandage spray
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R-7 Natural Ear Cleaner
Ear cleaner
A natural alternative to solve the problem of itchy ears, odor and wax buildup.
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