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Prestige Medium Tie-Out Chain
Prestige Medium Tie Out Chain
Keep dogs weighing up to 35 lbs. secure with this tie out chain.
Style # 2297066A

Available in 15 ft. and 20 ft. chain tie out.

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Prestige The Beast Extra Heavy-Duty Dog Tie-Out
Dog tie
Made of extra heavy-duty galvanized cable for long-lasting use. Features Comfort Snap with shock-absorbing spring to reduce stress and twin swivel to reduce tangling.
SKU # 5098247
Snap Around Tie-Out by Roccorp
Snap around tie
Can be used around trees or posts to temporarily tether your dog.
SKU # 2214647
Skyline Aerial Trolley by Roccorp
Skyline aerial
A complete aerial trolley kit that includes a 10 ft. downline.
SKU # 2217432
Skyline Trolley by Roccorp
Skyline trolley
A complete aerial trolley kit that includes a 10 ft. downline.
SKU # 2214649
Prestige Tie-Outs by Roccorp
Tie outs
A variety of tie-out sizes and styles to suit every dog from puppies to the big guys .
SKU # 2214651
Prestige Tie-Out & Dog Anchor
Tie out amp dog anchor
The strongest way to grip the ground.
SKU # 5059430
Prestige Tie-Out & Stake for Beast Dogs
Tie out
A complete tethering solution hooks deep into the ground.
SKU # 5059450
Prestige Tie-Out & Spiral Stake
Tie out amp
A complete tethering solution that hooks deep into the ground.
SKU # 5059431
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