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Premier Clik Stik Training Tool
Premier Clik Stik Training Tool
The Clik Stik is an all in one clicker and retractable target stick which helps you to more effectively train your dog.
Style # 2297066A

Click your way to a well behaved dog with the Clik Stik, the all in one clicker and retractable target stick. Agility and obedience training often requires your dog to focus on a particular location or object. Touch/target sticks are a wonderful tool for teaching targeting, send aways and go outs, contacts and weave poles, heeling and more. Targeting is also helpful as a way to get your misbehaving or fearful dog focus on something else the target. The Clik Stik features a clicker built into a collapsible target stick. This click/retractable target stick combination frees up one of the trainer's hands so there's one less piece of equipment to drop, juggle, or lose. The Clik Stik includes a molded in belt clip and extends from 6 to 23 in length. The Clik Stik at full extension 23 reaches the nose of short dogs when the trainer is standing. The Clik Stik can be used as a clicker when the rod is closed. The sound of the Clik Stik is softer in tone than some clickers, which may be helpful in working with sensitive dogs. The Clik Stik includes an Instruction Guide written by Terry Ryan, a world acclaimed international dog trainer. The Instruction Guide covers the following Timing Practice Loading the Clicker Introducing the Stick Stick Presentation Shaping the Touch Shaping Behavior Random Rewards Differential Reinforcement Stimulus Control & Fluency Applying Targeting for Multiple Uses Application of the Clik Stik.. and more Made in China.

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