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Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Senior Litter
Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Senior Litter
Precious Cat Senior litter addresses the medical and urinary tract problems that this specific group of cats experience with an amorphous silica gel litter infused with hydrolyzed herbs. To watch a product demo, click on the video camera at bottom left of
Style # 2297066A

This litter will help prevent kidney failure and urinary infections that can cause non use of the litter box. Precious Cat Senior litter has a small particle size that cats prefer. Senior litter absorbs urine on contact and traps it inside the crystal to prevent bacterial growth, thus helping to prevent urinary tract infections. Its small particle size and dust fines also coat and dehydrate cat feces to reduce odor and prevent bacterial growth of E Coli. E Coli bacteria grow on feces and along with reduced natural body defenses can lead to kidney failure, urinary and uterine infections. Precious Cat Senior has no organic material such as wheat, pine, corn and paper that can support bacteria and fungal growth, there by helping to prevent urinary infections. Prevents bacterial growth Biodegradable when put in a compost pile or landfill, the material completely biodegrades back to the earth in one month Traps urine on contact Non toxic Helps prevent kidney failure and urinary tract infection Small particle and dust fines coat and dehydrate feces Easy to scoop Low tracking Each cube contains a free litter box solutions booklet.

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Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Ultra Scoopable Litter
Elsey ultra scoopable litter
Precious Cat Ultra is a unique formulation that combines the heavy non-tracking granules of the classic with a medium grain clay. The result is an excellent clumping litter. To watch a product demo, click on the video camera at bottom left of product imag
SKU # 2621052
Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Ultra Litter Attractant
Litter attractant
Feline behavior modification and training tool providing a guaranteed solution for problem cats that won't use their litter box. Just 20 ounces of this product (one bottle) will treat 100 lbs. of medium size particle, non-scented scoopable litter. To
SKU # 5124260
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