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Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Pond Accu-Clear
Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Pond Accu Clear
Quickly clears cloudy water and maintains crystal clear pond water. Helps filters work more efficiently.
Style # 2297066A

PondCare Accu Clear is a colorless liquid that rapidly eliminates cloudy water in koi ponds and water gardens. Newly constructed ponds may develop cloudy water during the first few weeks, especially in warm, sunny conditions. Established ponds can also experience cloudy water any time. Cloudy, discolored water may form while changing the filter, working with aquatic plants or when making a water change. In all these instances, Accu Clear quickly restores pond water to a crystal clear condition. Accu Clear causes tiny, suspended cloud forming particles to clump together into larger clumps called flocs. Once clumped together these flocculated particles are easier to trap in the pond filter than the tiny particles, thereby aiding the filter system in keeping the water clear. If the pond does not have a filtration system, the flocs will settle to the bottom of the pond or become trapped in the pump prefilter. As the water clears, the particles will accumulate in the filter and it will be necessary to rinse the prefilter and filter pads/foams more often when using Accu Clear to regain crystal clear water. Directions for Use Mix the desired dose with one gallon of pond water and distribute evenly around the perimeter of the pond. Add 1 teaspoonful 5 ml for every 50 U.S. gallons 190 L of pond water. Water will clear within several hours. If a second dose is necessary, wait 24 hours before applying. Filter pads should be rinsed frequently when clearing pond water. Accu Clear can be used once a week to keep filters performing at maximum efficiency. Accu Clear can be used in ponds and water gardens containing koi, goldfish, and aquatic plants. Overdosing with Accu Clear causes the product to work more slowly. Compatibility Before using Accu Clear, make certain that the pond has vigorous aeration, a fountain, waterfall or aeration device especially durin.

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Pond Care Simply Clear Bacterial Pond Clarifier
Simply clear bacterial
This bacterial based pond clarifier that quickly clears murky, cloudy water and keeps it clean and clear through natural bacterial action. This triple action formula acts fast - clears pond water and breaks down sludge and offers a long term solution to u
SKU # 5119163
Pond Stress Coat from Aquarium Pharmaceuticals
Pond stress coat
A unique water conditioner for use when setting up a pond, adding fish or changing pond water. Contains aloe vera to help heal torn fins and skin abrasions.
SKU # 5070230
Pond Care Spring/Autumn Pond Sticks from Aquarium Pharmaceuticals
Spring autumn pond
High carb/low protein diet provides pond fish with proper nutrition in cool water (42-70 degrees Fahrenheit). Select sizes on clearance.
SKU # 5073249
PondCare Clean Pond Bonus Pack with AlgaeFix & EcoFix
Pondcare clean pond bonus
PondCare AlgaeFix controls many types of green or green water algae, string or hair algae and blanketweed in ponds that contain live plants. Keeps ornamental ponds and water gardens clean and clear. Can be used in ponds with plants PondCare EcoFix Bacter
SKU # 5120346
Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Summer Staple Pond Food
Aquarium pharmaceuticals summer
A high-protein diet, specially formulated for feeding pond fish when water temperature is above 65 degrees Fahrenheit.
SKU # 5013755
Spring-Autumn Pond Food by Aquarium Pharmaceuticals
Spring autumn pond food aquarium pharmaceuticals
Specially formulated pond food for use when the pond water is from 42-70 degrees Fahrenheit.
SKU # 5013754
Pond Care Pond Food
Pond food
Choose from formulas designed to provide appropriate seasonal nutrition to keep your pond fish healthy throughout the year.
SKU # 5067614
Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Pond Care Eco-Fix
Aquarium pharmaceuticals
Highly active strains of beneficial bacteria reduce organic pollution, increase the concentration of dissolved oxygen and maintain a healthy ecosystem, leaving pond water crystal clear.
SKU # 5069998
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