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Cactus Beak with Fruit Flavors
Cactus Beak with Fruit Flavors
Cactus Beak with Fruit Flavors.
Style # 2297066A

Birds will love the delicious fruity flavors in the cholla cactus. A heavy acrylic chain and beads entice the birds to come over and play. This treat also contains minerals from Manu Mineral Products. The Manu line of products replicates the same 9 minerals found in the famed banks of the Manu River in Peru, where each year wild tropical birds flock to ingest the rich mineral clay. Now you can give your bird these same healthy minerals. Products are veterinarian tested and approved. The small is 4 H x 1 D, large is 4 H x 2 D, and x large is 4 H x 3 D.

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Polly's Suspended Bird Stand
Suspended bird
Climbing the chain and rope toy provides hours of entertainment. Catch-tray sized for standard newspaper detaches for easy clean-up. Guaranteed to trim the bird's nails naturally. Climb-stop on each chain prevents bird from climbing out of reach.
SKU # 5036162
Polly's Banana Split Cuttlebone & Calcium Perch
Polly banana split
It's edible Provides essential calcium with the Banana split flavor. Each perch contains 2 exciting flavorful blends of great tasting fruit. Mad of real cuttlebone and 100% digestible ground calcium. Cuttlebone, the internal shell of a Cuttlefish, c
SKU # 5060743
Party Time Bird Toy
Party time
Party Time Bird Toy.
SKU # 5104377
Polly's Sea Snake Bird Toy
Polly sea
This coiled snake-shaped bird toy from Polly's is made of colorful wood blocks, leather pieces and manzanita disks that satisfy a bird's natural chewing instincts while providing the ultimate climbing adventure.
SKU # 5037976
Polly's Dancing Perch
Polly perch
Get your bird dancing up and down with this perch.
SKU # 5110455
Polly's Coconut Dinner Bells Bird Toy
Bird toy
The small Coconut Dinner Bell is perfect for serving food or treats to Parakeets, Cockatiels, Conures and similar sized birds.
SKU # 5036109
Coconut Cup from Polly's
Coconut polly
Coconut Cup.
SKU # 5039718
Nut Feeder from Polly's
Nut feeder polly
Nut Feeder, 12 x 3.5 x 3.5.
SKU # 5038219
Polly's Cozy Corner Perch
Polly cozy
Curved to fit any rectangular, round, multisided or odd-shaped cage interior.
SKU # 5110456
Polly's Happy Trails Rope for Birds
Polly happy trails
Polly's Happy Trails Rope for Birds - Medium.
SKU # 5094544
Polly's Mini Stand/Rocker with Polly's Pastels Perch
Polly pastels
Allows for adjustable perch heights and, when inverted, becomes a rocking chair for your bird. Non-stop rocking entertainment for both bird and Pet Parent Mini Stand provides a comfortable, familiar resting spot outside the cage. Now your pet bird can be
SKU # 5038039
Polly's Millet Mini-Log Cactus Snack
Mini log
Millet Mini-Log Cactus Snack.
SKU # 5038256
Polly's Cactus Snack with Peanuts
Polly cactus snack peanuts
Polly's Cactus Snack with Peanuts provides essential minerals for a healthy bird.
SKU # 1842338
Rope Wreath Bird Toy
Wreath bird
A safe and non-toxic colorful toy for your bird.
SKU # 5107795
Polly's Better Beak Bird Toy
Polly better
Better Beak, stone.
SKU # 1842065
Polly's Roll Or Swing
Roll swing
You bird can have fun while trimming her nails and beak at the same time. Promotes healthier feet and leg muscles. Non-chewable. Neon acrylic wheels. Never trim your bird's nail's again .
SKU # 5038052
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