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Playfence Retractable Pet Gate
Playfence Retractable Pet Gate
Perfect for restricting your pet's access to off limit areas with a clean, attractive look.
Style # 2297066A

With only a few uses, you will be able to easily use the Playfence gate with one hand. The product demonstration video included illustrates how to lock/unlock the gate with one hand even while holding something else. The video also demonstrates how to open, close and even relocate the gate to an additional set of wall brackets with just one hand. Features strong, soft, see through mesh that extends to cover openings from 4 to 53. Simply pull out the carrier bar and lock length needed for doorway width. When not in use, the mesh rolls out of sight into the case. Retracts manually without snapping back like a window shade to prevent catching clothing, little fingers, faces, paws, or tails in the rewind. The fully enclosed housing for the mesh gate means it is less likely that your child or pet can affect the mechanism or storage of the mesh. One hand operation. Features double acting locking/tightening mechanism. Approved for top of stairs use. When used in accordance with manufacturer guidelines, the Retractable Pet Gate has been tested to withstand pressure up to 200 lbs. Can be relocated from one set of wall brackets to another in seconds. This feature allows you to install Additional Wall Bracket Kits sold separately at other locations and use the same gate. Can be completely removed from the wall brackets if desired, although most doors will still be able to close with the mounting hardware in place. Successfully passed all mechanical testing requirements of the AS F1004 02A. The testing facility states there were no safety hazards present. With regards to FHSA regulations, the Retractable Pet Gate is non flammable according to 16CFR 1500.3 c 6 vi. Pet Certified Meets Mechanical Testing Standards PT 9721.1 US Criteria Mesh Material Details Non Flammable PVC coated polyester mesh. Reference 16CFR 1500.3 c 6 vi and EN71 Part II. Passed.

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