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PetZazz&reg Wrought Iron Swirl Diner
PetZazz&reg Wrought Iron Swirl Diner
This wrought iron double feeder features a swirl design and two stainless steel bowls.
Style # 2297066A

32 oz. total capacity bowls 3.25 Tall, stand 13.75 x 6.5 , 64oz total capacity bowls 4.325 Tall , stand 17.125 x 8.325 , and 16oz total capacity 3 Tall, stand 11.25 x 5.5 bowls.

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PetZazz? Adjustable Double Diner - 8 Cup
Double diner
The bowl level adjusts to the height that's best for your dog.
SKU # 5074697
Petzazz? Basic Pet Bowl
Basic pet
This pet bowl features a non-skid botton and convenient handle to handle even the hungriest of appetites .
SKU # 5119019
PetZazz? Basic Double Diner Pet Dish
Basic double diner
This durable plastic bowl combines form with function and is perfect for your pet's mealtime, anytime.
SKU # 5119099
PetZazz? Giant Pet Food Bowl
Food bowl
This giant designer pet bowl is made to satisfy even the largest of breed's appetite .
SKU # 5118440
PetZazz? Safari Chic Ceramic Treat Jar
Safari chic ceramic treat jar
Keep kitty's treats fresh and tasty in this safari chic ceramic jar with an airtight lid.
SKU # 5122767
PetZazz? Black Paws & Bones Stoneware Bowls
Stoneware bowls
Black dinnerware with white paws and bones is made from heavyweight stoneware that won't slide all over the floor and make a mess. Easy to clean with a pattern that will match any decor. Heavy duty stoneware is built to last. Serve up dry or canned f
SKU # 5096915
PetZazz? Black Paws & Bones Bowls
Amp bones
This black dinnerware is made from heavyweight stoneware that won't slide all over the floor and make a mess. It's easy to clean too and feature colors that will match any decor. Heavy duty stoneware will last and last. Fill these up with dry or
SKU # 5096619
Petzazz? Pet Bowls
Pet bowls
These oval-shaped high quality bowls come with non-skid bottoms and convenient lipped edge for easier handling.
SKU # 1815515
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