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Whisker City? Shimmer Breakaway Safety Collar
Whisker City Shimmer Breakaway Safety Collar
Truly the cat's meow This collar is the perfect dazzling addition to your favorite glamour-puss's collection. Plus, it comes complete with an important safety feature: if the collar snags, the closure will release, reducing the likelihood of ch
SKU # 5125165
Whisker City? Organic Fleece Catnip Fish with Paper Fins
Whisker City Organic Fleece Catnip Fish with Paper Fins
This toy combines two of your cat's favorite things: catnip and crinkle sounds The body of the fish is made of soft, yet durable fleece that your cat can really sink her claws into The fins are made of raffia-like paper that makes a crinkling noise
SKU # 5124064
Wahl Clipper Attachments
Wahl Clipper Attachments
Stainless steel attachment guide combs.
SKU # 5120014
Whisker City? Silver Reflective Safety Collar
Whisker City Silver Reflective Safety Collar
Silver, reflective cat collar adds a bit of shine and ensures your cat's safety at the same time.
SKU # 5088374
Wahl Contour Pet Trimmer/Clipper Kit
Wahl Contour Pet Trimmer Clipper Kit
Contour Pet Clipper Kit is great for short hair, long hair, trimming, puppies, coarse hair, face hair.
SKU # 5120035
Whisker City&reg Knitted Red Crab Cat Toy
Whisker City amp reg Knitted Red Crab Cat Toy
This cute crab is sure to become your frisky feline's favorite new toy .
SKU # 5124189
Tetra Impeller Replacement Parts
Tetra Impeller Replacement Parts
This is the only moving part in the filter and should be the first thing replaced if you find that the power filter no longer runs. Also fits Top Fin power filters.
SKU # 1832866
Small Animal High Rise
Small Animal High Rise
Now you can easily convert any 10 gallon aquarium to a high rise home for hamsters, gerbils and mice.
SKU # 5121486
Wahl Super PocketPro Dog Trimmer
Wahl Super PocketPro Dog Trimmer
Make trims in PocketPro precision with this new and improved light duty design.
SKU # 5120043
Whisker City? Corduroy and Fleece Cat Bed Set
Whisker City Corduroy and Fleece Cat Bed Set
Indulge your cat with the cloud-like comfort of this cozy corduroy and fleece cat bed. This bed comes complete with a personal faux suede blanket and fleece pillow, perfectly sized for your feline friend.
SKU # 5122196
Wild Delight? Squirrel Food
Wild Delight Squirrel Food
Nutritionally fortified seed and grain formulation adds vitamin, minerals, electrolytes, amino acids, and calcium.
SKU # 5092931
Clean Living Medium Add-A-Level Cage
Clean Living Medium Add A Level Cage
Your ceiling is the only limit to how tall your pet's home can grow.
SKU # 5120856
Whiskas Choice Cuts Mixed Grill 12 pk - Foods For Cats and Kittens
Whiskas Choice Cuts Mixed Grill 12 pk Foods For Cats and Kittens
Cats and kittens can't resist tasty Whiskas foods in a pouch. With two mouth-watering textures and a variety of flavors, Whiskas pouch foods will satisfy even the most finicky of eaters. Made with real meat, poultry and fish, slow-cooked in natural j
SKU # 5109124
Tetra Whisper EX Series Filter Systems
Tetra Whisper EX Series Filter Systems
Scientifically designed to make your life easier and the health and clarity of your aquarium better. Now that's technological advancement .
SKU # 5132132
Top Paw? Flashing ID Tag with Cat Print
Top Paw Flashing ID Tag with Cat Print
Lightweight, flashing tag helps to keep your cat visible in the dark. Waterproof and visible up to 218 yards (200 meters).
SKU # 5066591
Ware Fruit Twig Nibblers
Ware Fruit Twig Nibblers
Naturally-flavorful fruitwood sticks covered with crunchy bark. Promotes clean and healthy teeth. All natural (no preservatives or additives). Save, wholesome chew treat for small pets. Fruit twig nibblers provide a tasty chewing texture to encourage posi
SKU # 5123271
Whisker City? Teacup Princess Kitty Bed
Whisker City Teacup Princess Kitty Bed
Who's the prettiest princess in your house (or castle ) Your cat knows she's the one so surprise her with this pretty teacup shaped cat bed. It even has a removable placemat that snaps on or off and has rubber traction on the bottom
SKU # 5125851
Whisker City? Cat Toy Value Pack
Whisker City Cat Toy Value Pack
This value pack of assorted cat toys is sure to get your kitty up and moving for endless hours of pouncing action Made exclusively for PetSmart.
SKU # 5124185
Whisker City? Glitter Cat Harness
Whisker City Glitter Cat Harness
Adorned in dazzling glitter, this adjustable cat harness makes leash training comfortable and easy without sacrificing an ounce of style. Made exclusively for PetSmart.
SKU # 5117723
Whisker City? Play Cavern Scratcher
Whisker City Play Cavern Scratcher
The cardboard scratcher for cats who love to scratch and stretch. Includes a hanging Mylar toy inside the cavern for extra fun.
SKU # 5053648
Whisker City? Plush Kitty Sack
Whisker City Plush Kitty Sack
Surround your kitty in comfort and security beyond compare in this luxuriously soft, faux fur-lined sack.
SKU # 5122201
Ware Manufacturing Small Fun Tunnel
Ware Manufacturing Small Fun Tunnel
The Fun Tunnel expands 2-1/2 feet to fulfill your critter's instinctive burrowing needs.
SKU # 5135342
Whisker City&reg Organic Mice Cat Toy - 4 pack
Whisker City amp reg Organic Mice Cat Toy 4 pack
The chase is on with these plush, organic mice 4-pack of natural, earth-toned mice.
SKU # 5124152
Whisker City? Plush Chenille Pet Bed
Whisker City Plush Chenille Pet Bed
Fit for a furry royal highness, this luxurious pet bed is lavished in burgundy chenille and lined in a plush, velvety fabric for a cozy and secure slumber. Made exclusively for PetSmart.
SKU # 5122199
Ware Treat-K-Bob
Ware Treat K Bob
The refillable treat dispensing toy Safe for pets Fun cage toy Quality construction Promotes healthy teeth Comes complete with 3 free chews Supply your pet with tasty chew treats, healthy snacks, and a skewer filled with fun.
SKU # 5124987
Whisker City? Kitty Corner Scratcher
Whisker City Kitty Corner Scratcher
The Kitty Corner Scratcher provides the ultimate playing, scratching and stretching experience for your cat.
SKU # 5129585
Three-Level Ferret Furniture
Three Level Ferret Furniture
Your ferret will love having his very own furniture to climb on and hide in.
SKU # 5116115
Whisker City? Plush Cat Bed
Whisker City Plush Cat Bed
Suede-covered and fur-lined, this bed was designed to make your cat feel like the royalty she is Made exclusively for PetSmart.
SKU # 5122187
Whisker City? Purr-fect Wonder Cat Bed
Whisker City Purr fect Wonder Cat Bed
The Purr-fect Wonder Cat Bed is the ultimate in luxury for your pampered pet. It keeps your cat snuggly warm and comfortable while the electrostatically charged fibers capture dust, hair and dander.
SKU # 5122180
Whisker City? Brown Plaid Adjustable Cat Collar
Whisker City Brown Plaid Adjustable Cat Collar
Brown plaid adjustable cat collar offers a perfect combination of fashion and function. Collar intended for use only when walking your cat on a leash.
SKU # 5125884
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