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Wardley Cichlid Floating Pellets
Wardley Cichlid Floating Pellets
A balanced staple food for growth, superior coloration and survival of both herbivorous and carnivorous cichlids.
SKU # 5036857
Whisker City? Rhinestone Cat Collar Charms
Whisker City Rhinestone Cat Collar Charms
Add a dash of sparkle to your kitty's collar with our sassy rhinestone adorned charms.
SKU # 5125893
All-Natural Bark and Sisal Ball
All Natural Bark and Sisal Ball
Safe playtime toy Naturally flavorful Trims and cleans teeth No preservatives or colors added Safe for pets to chew your pet needs mental stimulation and playtime activities to prevent boredom and the development of destructive behaviors. Toys e
SKU # 5123270
Whisker City? Fleece Braid Cat Toy with Feathers
Whisker City Fleece Braid Cat Toy with Feathers
This toy combines two things cat love-soft fleece-like material that they can really sink their claws into plus feathers that move like real prey. This toy will bring out the playful nature of your cat while entertaining her and helping to prevent boredom
SKU # 5124154
Whisker City&reg Graduated-Color Breakaway Collar
Whisker City amp reg Graduated Color Breakaway Collar
Add a little style to your pet's collar with these color graduated collars that also ensure his or her safety.
SKU # 5088378
Whiskas CatMilk Plus
Whiskas CatMilk Plus
CatMilk Plus has been specially developed by nutritionists and veterinarians to reduce the risk of digestive problems, which some cats experience with ordinary milk.
SKU # 1221445
Whisker City? Kitty Cactus with Sisal & Top
Whisker City Kitty Cactus with Sisal amp Top
The Kitty Cactus provides the ultimate scratching and stretching experience for your cat.
SKU # 5059591
World's Best Cat Litter--17 lb. Bag
World 039 s Best Cat Litter 17 lb Bag
This 100% natural and safe cat litter is made from whole kernel corn. Contains no added perfumes or fragrances. 17 lb bag.
SKU # 5065166
Wahl Clipper Attachments
Wahl Clipper Attachments
Stainless steel attachment guide combs.
SKU # 5120014
Whisker City? Pumpkin Hat
Whisker City Pumpkin Hat
This pumpkin head will double your cat's Halloween credibility by allowing him to not only be a Jack-O-Lantern, but also two-faced. He'll be talking about them all behind his back .
SKU # 5132814
Whisker City? Glitter Breakaway Cat Collar
Whisker City Glitter Breakaway Cat Collar
Add a little stylish sparkle to your pet's collar while ensuring his or her safety.
SKU # 5088376
Three-Level Ferret Furniture
Three Level Ferret Furniture
Your ferret will love having his very own furniture to climb on and hide in.
SKU # 5116115
Whisker City? Brown Plaid Cat Lead
Whisker City Brown Plaid Cat Lead
Brown plaid patterned cat lead offers a perfect combination of fashion and function.
SKU # 5125882
Clean Living Medium Add-A-Level Cage
Clean Living Medium Add A Level Cage
Your ceiling is the only limit to how tall your pet's home can grow.
SKU # 5120856
Whisker City? Kitty Reflective Cat ID Tag
Whisker City Kitty Reflective Cat ID Tag
A whimsical cat print adorns this reflective ID tag that attaches easily to collars.
SKU # 5099968
Whisker City&reg Large Sisal Mouse - 2-Pack
Whisker City amp reg Large Sisal Mouse 2 Pack
Durable, light-weight, sisal mice feature catnip for extra playtime fun .
SKU # 5124153
Whisker City? Organic Fish Cat Toy
Whisker City Organic Fish Cat Toy
Catnip infused, this fishy friend is just the lure your cats been fishing for Made exclusively for PetSmart. Available in assorted colors please let us choose.
SKU # 5124186
Whiskas&reg Choice Cuts&reg Pouch Cat Food
Whiskas amp reg Choice Cuts amp reg Pouch Cat Food
The special Flavor Lock pouch seals in the slow cooked flavor and natural juices and makes Choice Cuts quick and easy to serve.
SKU # 1222116
Whiskas Choice Cuts Chef's Favorites 12 Pack
Whiskas Choice Cuts Chef 039 s Favorites 12 Pack
Whiskas flavor-lock pouch seals in the freshness and nutrients cat enjoy, for a fresh meal every time. Pack of 12 Chef's Favorites includes 3 Chicken Dinner in Gravy, 3 With Tuna in Sauce, 3 With Beef in Gravy, and 3 With Turkey in Gravy.
SKU # 5109122
All-Natural Bark-N-Bites
All Natural Bark N Bites
This tasty combination of crunchy wood and crispy bark fits the Treat-K-Bob. Safe to chew. Naturally flavorful. Trims and cleans teeth. This is a safe, wholesome chew toy for small pets and a natural way to satisfy your small pet's instinctive needs.
SKU # 5123208
Whisker City? Ribbon Charm Safety Cat Collar
Whisker City Ribbon Charm Safety Cat Collar
Safety and stylish looks all in one. Collars have safety release feature designed to release if the collar gets caught, allowing pet to slip free.
SKU # 5096371
Whisker City? Sheepskin Cat Bed
Whisker City Sheepskin Cat Bed
This sheepskin covered cozy den will ensure your cat the sweetest of dreams. Made exclusively for PetSmart.
SKU # 5125215
Whisker City? Giraffe Print Pyramid Kitty Cave
Whisker City Giraffe Print Pyramid Kitty Cave
Your cat will go wild for this stylish, pyramid-shaped hideaway that features a hanging mouse and a velvety, poly-filled removable pillow.
SKU # 5122200
Small Pet Harness & Leash
Small Pet Harness amp Leash
This safe and comfortable pet harness and leash is as easy as 1-2-3 to use .
SKU # 5121507
Whiskas Cat Food
Whiskas Cat Food
Turn mealtime into a savory feast with these delectable flavors in sauce.
SKU # 5121509
Ware Manufacturing Premium+Hutch
Ware Manufacturing Premium Hutch
Quality hutch with a Hop Way door so your pet can come and go.
SKU # 5108788
Whisker City&reg Terra Cotta Cat Bowls
Whisker City amp reg Terra Cotta Cat Bowls
Genuine terra cotta with a colorful glaze makes these cat bowls a stylish way to serve kitty her meals.
SKU # 5065543
Whisker City&reg Leather Release Cat Collar with Bell
Whisker City amp reg Leather Release Cat Collar with Bell
A safe and stylish collar for cats.
SKU # 5096230
Whisker City? Fashion Breakaway Cat Collar
Whisker City Fashion Breakaway Cat Collar
Add a little style to your pet's collar with these designer collars that also ensure his or her safety.
SKU # 5088381
Whisker City? Plush Kitty Sack
Whisker City Plush Kitty Sack
Surround your kitty in comfort and security beyond compare in this luxuriously soft, faux fur-lined sack.
SKU # 5122201
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