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Whisker City? Cat Collar Charms
Whisker City Cat Collar Charms
Add a dash of sparkle to your kitty's collar. This glitter-adorned collar charm in the shape of a cat adds the perfect amount of dazzle to your cat's neck candy. Choose Pink or Black.
SKU # 5125894
Mineral Charm Chews for Small Pets
Mineral Charm Chews for Small Pets
Combination of a tasty treat and teeth trimming toy.
SKU # 5115972
Whisker City&reg Fishbone Reflective Cat ID Tag
Whisker City amp reg Fishbone Reflective Cat ID Tag
A whimsical fishbone print adorns this reflective ID tag that attaches easily to collars.
SKU # 5099967
Tetra Whisper Carbon Filters
Tetra Whisper Carbon Filters
Clean water leads to healthy, happy fish. Changing the carbon filter on a regular basis helps provide the environment they need to thrive.
SKU # 5132488
Wild Delight? Gourmet Wild Bird Food
Wild Delight Gourmet Wild Bird Food
Nutritionally fortified seed blend for all seed-eating birds.
SKU # 5092933
Pond T.E.N Pellets from Wardley
Pond T E N Pellets from Wardley
All pond fish will benefit from the Total Essential Nutrition in Wardely Pond T.E.N. Contains color stabilized vitamin C.
SKU # 5013646
Whiskas Choice Cuts Chef's Favorites 12 Pack
Whiskas Choice Cuts Chef 039 s Favorites 12 Pack
Whiskas flavor-lock pouch seals in the freshness and nutrients cat enjoy, for a fresh meal every time. Pack of 12 Chef's Favorites includes 3 Chicken Dinner in Gravy, 3 With Tuna in Sauce, 3 With Beef in Gravy, and 3 With Turkey in Gravy.
SKU # 5109122
Whiskas&reg Choice Cuts(tm) Seafood Variety Pack Cat Food
Whiskas amp reg Choice Cuts tm Seafood Variety Pack Cat Food
Your cat will love the real fish flavors in this value pack. Contains three each of four flavors.
SKU # 5014699
Wahl Pro Series Cord/Cordless Dog Clipper Kit
Wahl Pro Series Cord Cordless Dog Clipper Kit
Pro Series Pet Clipper Kit is great for short hair, long hair, trimming, puppies, coarse hair, face hair.
SKU # 5120016
Whiskas&reg Purrfectly(tm) Fish Cat Food
Whiskas amp reg Purrfectly tm Fish Cat Food
Made with authentic, savory cuts of pure fish in natural juices, Whiskas Purrfectly(tm) Fish pouches are a delicious way to delight your cat. These fish-flavored entres come in single-serve wet pouches and four mouthwatering varieties: Tuna Entre, Tuna &a
SKU # 5120392
Whisker Lickin's Tartar Control Cat Treats
Whisker Lickin 039 s Tartar Control Cat Treats
These crunchy treats combine two of your cat's favorite seafood flavors in one. A resealable plastic canister keeps them fresh.
SKU # 5062429
Whisker City? Purr-fect Wonder Cat Bed
Whisker City Purr fect Wonder Cat Bed
The Purr-fect Wonder Cat Bed is the ultimate in luxury for your pampered pet. It keeps your cat snuggly warm and comfortable while the electrostatically charged fibers capture dust, hair and dander.
SKU # 5122180
Whisker City? Fleece Kitty Den
Whisker City Fleece Kitty Den
Lined with the softest faux-fur, this fleecy den spoils your comfort-seeking kitty in warmth and security.
SKU # 5122197
Virbac WormX DS Liquid Dog Wormer
Virbac WormX DS Liquid Dog Wormer
WormX Double Strength Dog Wormer is designed to prevent the reinfestation of intestinal roundworm and for the removal of large roundworms and hookworms in dogs and puppies.
SKU # 5127466
Whisker City? Mouse Hat
Whisker City Mouse Hat
Don't be surprised when your cat wants to wear this costume outside after Halloween. He's trying to get the drop on that silly mouse .
SKU # 5132816
Nature Ball for Small Pets
Nature Ball for Small Pets
Safe, ball-shaped chew toy is made of all natural sisal material.
SKU # 5115971
Ware Manufacturing Chew-A-Lot Crunch Bunny
Ware Manufacturing Chew A Lot Crunch Bunny
Provide your small pet with a crunchy wood chew treat that promotes good dental health.
SKU # 5135334
Whisker City? Plush Two-Tone Mat
Whisker City Plush Two Tone Mat
This plush, faux-fur mat can be placed anywhere you'd like to encourage your pet to sleep.
SKU # 5119690
Whisker City? Fleece Braid Cat Toy with Feathers
Whisker City Fleece Braid Cat Toy with Feathers
This toy combines two things cat love-soft fleece-like material that they can really sink their claws into plus feathers that move like real prey. This toy will bring out the playful nature of your cat while entertaining her and helping to prevent boredom
SKU # 5124154
Whisker  Lickin's Crunch Lovers Tartar Control Treats
Whisker Lickin 039 s Crunch Lovers Tartar Control Treats
There's a scrumptious variety for every mood. When you curl up with your cat, something truly special happens. Make the most of the moment by giving a treat so delectable, so savory, your cat won't want the moment to end. With Whisker Lickin
SKU # 5123653
Clean Living Large Add-A-Level Cage
Clean Living Large Add A Level Cage
Expand your furry friend's home one story at a time.
SKU # 5120853
Whisker City? Ribbon Charm Safety Cat Collar
Whisker City Ribbon Charm Safety Cat Collar
Safety and stylish looks all in one. Collars have safety release feature designed to release if the collar gets caught, allowing pet to slip free.
SKU # 5096371
Whisker City? Pink Moons and Stars Reflective Safety Collar
Whisker City Pink Moons and Stars Reflective Safety Collar
Keep your cat safe at night without sacrificing an ounce of style Pink nylon collar with reflective moons and stars features a breakaway clip that releases when it becomes entangled in bushes, fences, trees, etc.
SKU # 5125889
Whisker City? Plush Cat Bed
Whisker City Plush Cat Bed
Suede-covered and fur-lined, this bed was designed to make your cat feel like the royalty she is Made exclusively for PetSmart.
SKU # 5122187
Talk & Sing Training CD's
Talk amp Sing Training CD 039 s
Time To Sing CD.
SKU # 5043428
Zodiac Flea & Tick Collar for Puppies
Zodiac Flea amp Tick Collar for Puppies
This collar is designed especially for puppies age 12 weeks and over to provide continuous 5 month protection against adult fleas and ticks.
SKU # 5014055
All-Natural Bark and Sisal Ball
All Natural Bark and Sisal Ball
Safe playtime toy Naturally flavorful Trims and cleans teeth No preservatives or colors added Safe for pets to chew your pet needs mental stimulation and playtime activities to prevent boredom and the development of destructive behaviors. Toys e
SKU # 5123270
Whisker City? Cat ID Tags
Whisker City Cat ID Tags
Whimsical Whisker City cat ID tags are available in three varieties. All keep your cat safe by providing a place for their personal information in case they get lost.
SKU # 5125887
Whisker City&reg Leather Release Cat Collar with Bell
Whisker City amp reg Leather Release Cat Collar with Bell
A safe and stylish collar for cats.
SKU # 5096230
Ware Manufacturing Nutty Stick Ball
Ware Manufacturing Nutty Stick Ball
Place this ball inside your small pet's home and watch as he chews his way through to the nutty surprise held inside .
SKU # 5135343
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