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ToyShoppe? 3-in-1 Halloween Bat
ToyShoppe 3 in 1 Halloween Bat
A toy with the three best things: a plush squeaker body, crinkle material wings, and a rope body great for gnawing.
SKU # 5132325
ToyShoppe? Jack-O-Lantern Fellow
ToyShoppe Jack O Lantern Fellow
Play a game of tug of war with his long limbs and durable stitching.
SKU # 5132355
Triple-Pet The Better Pet Toothbrush & Toothpaste
Triple Pet The Better Pet Toothbrush amp Toothpaste
Keep your pet's teeth and gums healthy with The Better Pet Toothbrush and natural vanilla-flavored toothpaste (sold separately).
SKU # 5052843
Nutri-Cal for Cats
Nutri Cal for Cats
Veterinarian recommended, high-calorie dietary supplement for your cat. Ideal for finicky eaters or for cats who require an additional source of energy.
SKU # 5097288
Top Fin? 29 Gallon Ready-to-Assemble Aquarium Stands
Top Fin 29 Gallon Ready to Assemble Aquarium Stands
Give your fish tank a leg to stand on with these stylish aquarium stands.
SKU # 5072120
Top Wing? Small Arch Style Bird Cage
Top Wing Small Arch Style Bird Cage
Small Arch Style Bird Cage - White/Purple 9 x 12 x 15 1/2 .
SKU # 5089281
Top Fin? Filter Cartridges
Top Fin Filter Cartridges
These filter cartridges are fully assembled, ready to use and keep water clear and healthy.
SKU # 5111163
Top Paw? Laser Cut Leather Collar
Top Paw Laser Cut Leather Collar
Function and style combine in this red leather collar with laser cut design.
SKU # 5125814
The First Years Hands Free Gate
The First Years Hands Free Gate
This truly hands free gate opens with a convenient foot pedal that can't be activated by pets.
SKU # 5053086
Top Fin? 6-Pack Airline Holders
Top Fin 6 Pack Airline Holders
Clear airline holders feature plastic clips with suction cups that are used to secure all standard airline tubing to the aquarium wall.
SKU # 5098161
Top Fin? Betta Water Conditioner
Top Fin Betta Water Conditioner
Instantly treats tap water, removes harmful chlorine, chloramine and heavy metals. Reduces the effects of ammonia. Protects fish with a healthy slime coat.
SKU # 5112326
ToyShoppe? Rope Tire
ToyShoppe Rope Tire
Since your dog can't play on a tire swing, let him swing a tire Perfect for lazy summer afternoons down by the river .
SKU # 5073728
ToyShoppe? Chef Bobo Loofa Dog Toys
ToyShoppe Chef Bobo Loofa Dog Toys
Cook up some fun with these classic bobo loofa dog toys Each are dressed in a chef ensemble to give your dog an extra taste of fun during playtime.
SKU # 5130025
Top Fin? Long Handle Aquarium Scrubbers
Top Fin Long Handle Aquarium Scrubbers
Easily removes algae from aquariums. Select either scrubber for glass or for acrylic aquariums.
SKU # 5101298
Zema Tick Detach(tm) Collar for Dogs
Zema Tick Detach tm Collar for Dogs
The Tick Detach collar contains Amitraz-N, a powerful compound that kills ticks for 90 days.
SKU # 2012512
Top Fin? Betta Bits
Top Fin Betta Bits
Keep your betta beautiful and energetic with food rich in essential nutrients and color enhancers. These floating pellets contain a unique appetite-stimulating formula with fresh ingredients that are easily digested.
SKU # 5054026
Tetrafauna ReptoMin Select-A-Food
Tetrafauna ReptoMin Select A Food
Three foods in one to provide your reptile with variety For aquatic turtles, newts, and frogs.
SKU # 5085494
ToyShoppe? Large Rope/Tennis Ball Toys
ToyShoppe Large Rope Tennis Ball Toys
All of your dog's favorite elements combined in one great dog toy: a noisy tennis ball for entertainment value, thick rope legs for chewing and playing, and colorful, friendly faces.
SKU # 5071123
T-Rex(r) Crab Island(tm) Hermit Crab Starter Kit
T Rex r Crab Island tm Hermit Crab Starter Kit
The essentials for healthy and happy hermit crabs. Kit is perfect for getting a new hermit, small hermit crab.
SKU # 5102441
Tetra Jumbo Shrimp
Tetra Jumbo Shrimp
A highly nutritious, eagerly accepted treat for large, carnivorous tropical and marine fish. Feed two to three times a week in conjunction with a Tetra staple food.
SKU # 5037052
Top Fin? Goldfish Flake Foods
Top Fin Goldfish Flake Foods
A nutritious daily diet which provides the protein, fat, fiber and vitamins goldfish need to grow and thrive. Made exclusively for PetSmart.
SKU # 5048220
ToyShoppe? Durables Horseshoe Rubber Dog Toys
ToyShoppe Durables Horseshoe Rubber Dog Toys
Are you tired of your dog chewing up your shoes Why not give him his own horseshoe that is .
SKU # 5131688
T-Rex&reg Trunk Hideout for Frogs, Snakes & Lizards
T Rex amp reg Trunk Hideout for Frogs Snakes amp Lizards
Natural trunk hideout ideal for frogs, snakes & lizards.
SKU # 5120964
Top Fin? Tap Water Dechlorinator
Top Fin Tap Water Dechlorinator
Removes chlorine, chloramine and heavy metals in existing aquariums or ponds.
SKU # 5112854
T-Rex Reptile Comfort Leash
T Rex Reptile Comfort Leash
Fashion Leather Harness with pivoting safety clasp and 36 nylon lead.
SKU # 1851520
ToyShoppe Plush? BowWow Spider
ToyShoppe Plush BowWow Spider
You couldn't find a more irresistible Halloween toy for your dog It's perfect for cuddle and playtime.
SKU # 5132345
T-Rex Cobra Heat Pads
T Rex Cobra Heat Pads
The favorite heat pad of European herp owners is now available in America.
SKU # 5035889
Top Fin? Stilt Tiki Hut
Top Fin Stilt Tiki Hut
A Tiki Hut turns any aquarium into an awesome beach party Surf's up in this island paradise.
SKU # 5109967
Top Paw? Nylon Puppy Collars
Top Paw Nylon Puppy Collars
Durable 5/8 inch wide nylon in puppy-perfect colors. A great value .
SKU # 2211297
T-Rex&reg Terra Tube for Frogs, Snakes & Lizards
T Rex amp reg Terra Tube for Frogs Snakes amp Lizards
Natural log hide-out ideal for frogs, snakes & lizards.
SKU # 5120969
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