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  List Product
Top Wing? Parrot Starter Kit
Top Wing Parrot Starter Kit
Starter Kit -Small Parrot/Large Conure 24 x 18 x 31 with 1 wire spacing .
SKU # 5087378
Top Paw? Blonde Leather Spike Dog Collar
Top Paw Blonde Leather Spike Dog Collar
A feminine color with a tough edge.
SKU # 5108244
Latigo Leather Collar
Latigo Leather Collar
This is one tough collar that's comfortable to wear.
SKU # 5126082
ToyShoppe? Cat-O-Lantern with Rope
ToyShoppe Cat O Lantern with Rope
Combines all sorts of playtime fun: tug of war, fetch and a squeak toy to chew on .
SKU # 5132338
Top Paw&reg Pink Adjustable Dog Harness
Top Paw amp reg Pink Adjustable Dog Harness
Adjustable harness is made of heavy-duty nylon.
SKU # 5108252
ToyShoppe&reg Replacement Teasers Cat Toys
ToyShoppe amp reg Replacement Teasers Cat Toys
Replacement teasers for ToyShoppe Teaser Wands (made exclusively for PetSmart).
SKU # 5069019
Top Paw? Chrome Pinch Training Collar
Top Paw Chrome Pinch Training Collar
This Pinch Training Collar is chrome plated for strength and durability. Not to be used with tie-out. Consider your dog's temperament before using.
SKU # 2211496
ToyShoppe? Mini TriPod
ToyShoppe Mini TriPod
Orange, green, blue, pink, and yellow Three legged dogs especially enjoy this rainbow of fun Let it bounce and wobble and turn and twist its way into regular playtime rotation.
SKU # 1812365
ToyShoppe? Jumping Pumpkin
ToyShoppe Jumping Pumpkin
An irresistible addition to any size dog's toy collection A Jack-O-Lantern extra bouncy tennis ball with moveable arms.
SKU # 5132597
Top Fin? Plastic Gang Valves
Top Fin Plastic Gang Valves
Gang valves let you regulate air flow via dial controls on multiple airlines.
SKU # 5098131
Top Fin? Sky Blue Pearl Glass Marbles
Top Fin Sky Blue Pearl Glass Marbles
These sparkling little beauties make a charming accent to any aquarium's dcor.
SKU # 5110098
Top Fin? Treasure Box
Top Fin Treasure Box
The sparkle from treasure buried deep long ago will add interest to any fish tank's decor.
SKU # 5018212
ToyShoppe?  Extra Plush Frankenstein
ToyShoppe Extra Plush Frankenstein
With one large squeaker and a colorful suit, this Frankenstein is perfect for larger dogs .
SKU # 5132327
Top Paw? Reflective Dog Collar, Black Aztec Design
Top Paw Reflective Dog Collar Black Aztec Design
This lead will make it easier than ever for drivers passing to notice your dog even on late evening walks.
SKU # 5119381
The Goodlife Recipe Treats for Indoor Cats
The Goodlife Recipe Treats for Indoor Cats
Specially formulated for indoor cats in a Salmon & Garden Greens flavor, these treats have wholesome garden greens your indoor cat craves.
SKU # 5129971
Top Fin? XP Air Pumps
Top Fin XP Air Pumps
Designed for many years of quiet, dependable operation.
SKU # 5097726
ToyShoppe? Talking Fleece Dog Toys
ToyShoppe Talking Fleece Dog Toys
Dog toys that look and sound like the real thing. Machine washable.
SKU # 1815458
ToyShoppe? Knobby Bone with Rope
ToyShoppe Knobby Bone with Rope
Throw your best friend a knobby bone .
SKU # 5109259
Small Gold-Plated ID Tag
Small Gold Plated ID Tag
Personalize an ID tag for your pet's safe return.
SKU # 5055575
ToyShoppe? Newspaper
ToyShoppe Newspaper
The Daily Rover, a Pooch Press Publication, reports that the city council race has gone to the dogs The quality of reporting within this newspaper is for the birds.
SKU # 1811411
T-Rex Aquatic Turtle Dry Foods
T Rex Aquatic Turtle Dry Foods
This nutritionally balanced food for all Aquatic Turtle life stages was developed in conjunction with some of the world's leading authorities on breeding and care of Aquatic Turtles.
SKU # 1051292
Tetra Pond Spring and Fall Diet
Tetra Pond Spring and Fall Diet
Help transition your pond fish in and out of winter.
SKU # 5079504
ToyShoppe? Plush Black Halloween Bear
ToyShoppe Plush Black Halloween Bear
Orange and black festive bear with squeak toy in his tummy, this toy is ideal for smaller dogs.
SKU # 5132440
ToyShoppe? Mini Dracula
ToyShoppe Mini Dracula
Ideal for small breeds, this Dracula is all squeaks and smiles .
SKU # 5132337
Brown's Gourmet Rat and Mouse Diet
Brown 039 s Gourmet Rat and Mouse Diet
Tropical Carnival is loaded with the things your pet mouse or rat loves to eat including fruits, nuts, veggies, seed and grains. It's formulated to appeal to even finicky eaters. It offers complete and balanced nutrition for pet mice and rats at all.
SKU # 5056847
T-Rex Bio Vine
T Rex Bio Vine
Bio Vine is a completely synthetic, non-toxic vine that looks and feels like a real vine. Twistable, bendable and even washable It can be used to create an elaborate display using an entire room.
SKU # 5120961
Tetra AquaSafe for Ponds
Tetra AquaSafe for Ponds
Pond Water Conditioner - neutralizes harmful elements to turn tap water into pond water. .
SKU # 2031153
Top Wing? Bird Cage Seed Guards
Top Wing Bird Cage Seed Guards
Eliminate bird mess around the cage and in the home, machine washable.
SKU # 5015868
Top Paw? The Loops 2 Leash
Top Paw The Loops 2 Leash
This heavyweight nylon leash features a standard leash and a handy traffic lead in one so you can walk and control your dog with confidence.
SKU # 5013584
ToyShoppe? Extra Plush Jolly Witch
ToyShoppe Extra Plush Jolly Witch
Dozens of soft colored fleece pieces create this ball of fun for your dog It is sturdy with a solid core .
SKU # 5132514
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