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Pond Care Spring/Autumn Pond Sticks from Aquarium Pharmaceuticals
Pond Care Spring Autumn Pond Sticks from Aquarium Pharmaceuticals
High carb/low protein diet provides pond fish with proper nutrition in cool water (42-70 degrees Fahrenheit). Select sizes on clearance.
SKU # 5073249
Sentry PurrScriptions Plus Flea & Tick Spray for Felines
Sentry PurrScriptions Plus Flea amp Tick Spray for Felines
Controls fleas for up to 14 weeks. Kills fleas and ticks on contact on dogs and cats. Nylar provides up to 14 weeks control of fleas. Do not treat dogs under 6 months of age with this product. Do not treat cats under 7 months of age with this product.
SKU # 5122271
Silicone Aquarium Sealant
Silicone Aquarium Sealant
The 100% silicone aquarium sealant is easy to apply and provides a long-lasting waterproof bond.
SKU # 2431002
Pounce Lickittys
Pounce Lickittys
Moist and crunchy in a long lasting, irresistible, lickable treat. Cat's crave Lickittys savory chicken flavor.
SKU # 5135265
Pre-Strike Outdoor Fogger
Pre Strike Outdoor Fogger
Pre-strike Outdoor Fogger treats your yard or other outdoor area against mosquitoes, bees, wasps and many other flying and crawling insects.
SKU # 5062085
Pawprints Hanging Ornament
Pawprints Hanging Ornament
Now you can add to your home decor with a hanging keepsake of your pet's actual pawprint Lightweight, no-mix, air-dry clay included .
SKU # 5123448
Polly's Suspended Bird Stand
Polly 039 s Suspended Bird Stand
Climbing the chain and rope toy provides hours of entertainment. Catch-tray sized for standard newspaper detaches for easy clean-up. Guaranteed to trim the bird's nails naturally. Climb-stop on each chain prevents bird from climbing out of reach.
SKU # 5036162
Prevue Jumbo Ferret Cage
Prevue Jumbo Ferret Cage
Prevue Jumbo Ferret Cage - 36 L x 24 D x 48 H .
SKU # 5094249
Bed-A-Beast Disk  from Pet-Tech
Bed A Beast Disk from Pet Tech
Easy-to-prepare bedding material for reptiles, amphibians and tarantulas made from 100% natural fiber.
SKU # 5008936
Doggy Boat Ladder by Paws Aboard
Doggy Boat Ladder by Paws Aboard
The Doggy Boat Ladder by Paws Aboard is great for any dog who loves going boating It is also an excellent choice for arthritic, older, or overweight pets who love boating. It provides an easy exit, so your pet reduces the risk of seriously straining or i
SKU # 5124943
PetAg Pet Nursing Kit
PetAg Pet Nursing Kit
The next best thing to mother herself. Specially designed bottle and supplies to ensure babies get the good nutrition they need.
SKU # 5092685
Pottery Patterned Nylon Dog Collar
Pottery Patterned Nylon Dog Collar
Pottery-like look on a collar for your pup.
SKU # 5117386
Le Bistro Feeders and Waterers for Cats
Le Bistro Feeders and Waterers for Cats
The popular Le Bistro design in a size perfect for cats Keeps water and dry food fresh and available at all times.
SKU # 5017633
KMR Milk Replacer for Kittens by PetAg
KMR Milk Replacer for Kittens by PetAg
Milk replacer for kittens, newborn to six weeks of age.
SKU # 5092436
PetZazz? Black Paws & Bones Stoneware Bowls
PetZazz Black Paws amp Bones Stoneware Bowls
Black dinnerware with white paws and bones is made from heavyweight stoneware that won't slide all over the floor and make a mess. Easy to clean with a pattern that will match any decor. Heavy duty stoneware is built to last. Serve up dry or canned f
SKU # 5096915
Petzazz? Basic Pet Bowl
Petzazz Basic Pet Bowl
This pet bowl features a non-skid botton and convenient handle to handle even the hungriest of appetites .
SKU # 5119019
Petkin Jumbo EarWipes
Petkin Jumbo EarWipes
A convenient way to wipe away dirt, odor and wax.
SKU # 5064872
Red Wonder Walker Head Halter/Lead
Red Wonder Walker Head Halter Lead
Wonder Walker is an all-in-one head halter and 6' leash. Its wonderfully simple one-piece design allows for dogs of all sizes to be fitted quickly and easily.
SKU # 5123730
Pounce&reg Hairball Crunchy Tuna Cat Treats
Pounce amp reg Hairball Crunchy Tuna Cat Treats
Pounce has taken an effective hairball remedy and hidden it inside a delicious crunchy treat .
SKU # 5007895
DirectStop Animal Deterrent Spray
DirectStop Animal Deterrent Spray
Stop an attacking animal in its tracks with this highly effective, safe and humane spray.
SKU # 5076493
Calm Down For Cats
Calm Down For Cats
This homeopathic remedy can be administered directly or mixed with drinking water to keep cats calm in stressful situations.
SKU # 2021372
PetSafe Stubborn Dog In-Ground Radio Fence System
PetSafe Stubborn Dog In Ground Radio Fence System
This system is safe and effective for all hard-to-train pets.
SKU # 5117744
Lee's Kritter Light and Replacement Bulbs
Lee 039 s Kritter Light and Replacement Bulbs
Shine some light on your pet with this compact incandescent lamp kit.
SKU # 5062978
Perky Pet Upside Down Wild Finch Feeder
Perky Pet Upside Down Wild Finch Feeder
Designed especially to attract Goldfinches and Pine Siskins; house finches will not feed from this feeder. Holds up to 2 lbs of thistle seed or finch mix.
SKU # 1241469
Pedigree Little Champions Pouched Dog Food
Pedigree Little Champions Pouched Dog Food
Contains high quality real meats, poultry, herbs, and vegetables, making wet food even more appealing to discriminating dogs.
SKU # 5114328
Prestige Medium Tie-Out Chain
Prestige Medium Tie Out Chain
Keep dogs weighing up to 35 lbs. secure with this tie out chain.
SKU # 2216097
Medicated Anti-Itch Spray by St. Jon
Medicated Anti Itch Spray by St Jon
Non-stinging spray provides immediate relief and breaks the itch cycle to help speed healing.
SKU # 2011303
Petrodex Enzymatic Toothpaste for Dogs
Petrodex Enzymatic Toothpaste for Dogs
Petrodex Enzymatic Toothpaste is effective home dental care designed specifically for dogs.
SKU # 5048117
Prevue Acrylic Bird Toys
Prevue Acrylic Bird Toys
Acrylic Dice Mobile Bird Toy.
SKU # 1842104
Petmate Attract-O-Mat
Petmate Attract O Mat
This Attract-O-Mat will attract more than just your kitty Electrostatic polyester batting captures pet hair, dander and dust. Place in your cat's favorite spot to protect furniture or bedding. The attractive fabric border will complement any d cor .
SKU # 5124009
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