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Kong Extreme
Kong Extreme
The toughest chewers choose Extreme Kongs. Not because they know better but because their owners know better Let 'em try .
SKU # 5100225
Kaytee&reg Natural Bermuda Grass
Kaytee amp reg Natural Bermuda Grass
Kaytee Natural Bermuda Grass - 16 oz. Bag.
SKU # 5098829
Kong Stuff'n Mini Snacks
Kong Stuff 039 n Mini Snacks
One of the best treats you can give your dog in the summer is crumbled mini snacks mixed with one of the tasty Kong pastes. Smear it inside a Kong toy and then put it in the freezer for an hour. Too cool .
SKU # 5088919
Birdbath Ice Eliminator
Birdbath Ice Eliminator
Encourage year-round bird activity with open water, even in sub-zero temperatures.
SKU # 5074666
Wall Mount Gate
Wall Mount Gate
While this gate can be used in any door or room opening, it has a special directional feature so that it can be set up so that it won't swing out over staircases. Click More details below for a link to the User's Guide.
SKU # 5123015
Plush Play Animals Dog Toys
Plush Play Animals Dog Toys
These plush toys have a hidden compartment and an extra squeaker, so you can replace the squeaker when needed. Machine washable.
SKU # 5065493
Kong Ziggies Puppy Treat
Kong Ziggies Puppy Treat
We all know how puppies like to chew, so it's important to start them down the right chewing chewing path. These are made for puppies and fit perfectly into a chewer's best friend, Kong toys .
SKU # 5125153
KMR Liquid for Kittens by Pet Ag
KMR Liquid for Kittens by Pet Ag
Ready to feed milk supplement contains the nutrients kittens need to grow strong and healthy. Use for orphaned or rejected kittens or kittens needing extra nutrition.
SKU # 2021029
Kong Dr. Noys Stuffing-Free Snake Dog Toy
Kong Dr Noys Stuffing Free Snake Dog Toy
Finally A plush toy that lasts This stuffing-free toy is perfect for the dog who loves stuffed toys and the Pet Parent who hates the mess.
SKU # 5067928
Kaytee&reg Chinchilla Dust Bath
Kaytee amp reg Chinchilla Dust Bath
Chinchilla Dust Bath 2.5 lb.
SKU # 2051111
Thermo-Pond Perfect Climate Submersible Pond De-Icer
Thermo Pond Perfect Climate Submersible Pond De Icer
Designed with small and preformed ponds in mind.
SKU # 5116899
Kaytee Honey Seed Treat Bell
Kaytee Honey Seed Treat Bell
An instant feeder that will help attract Cardinals, Blue Jays and Woodpeckers. Bell shaped treat is ready to unwrap and hang.
SKU # 1241042
Kitten Second Step by Pet Ag
Kitten Second Step by Pet Ag
When it's almost time for kitty to try solid foods, start using Kitten Second Step.
SKU # 2021035
Fat Cat Big Mama's Scratch-O-Rama
Fat Cat Big Mama 039 s Scratch O Rama
Infused with catnip, your kitty will love scratching this sisal mat.
SKU # 5081866
KONG Stuff-A-Ball Dog Toys
KONG Stuff A Ball Dog Toys
Your dog's favorite tough KONG rubber, in a ball designed to dispense food or treats for added fun.
SKU # 5060568
Kaytee Nature's Variety Treat Canisters
Kaytee Nature 039 s Variety Treat Canisters
Canary Nature's Variety Treat Jar, 8.5 oz.
SKU # 1441172
Kennel-Aire Playpen for Cats
Kennel Aire Playpen for Cats
This playpen gives kittens and cats a roomy and safe place to play, sleep and rest. Great for cats to safely spend time outdoors to enjoy the fresh air. Fleece Bench Covers - 2 Pk (each 8 x 24 ) also available.
SKU # 1821930
Kaytee Koi's Choice Foods
Kaytee Koi 039 s Choice Foods
Complete, floating pellet diet formulated with animal and vegetable proteins, along with nutrients essential for growth, health and color. May be fed in all seasons.
SKU # 5013544
Kaytee Wood Pellet Bedding
Kaytee Wood Pellet Bedding
Kaytee 8lb Wood Pellet Bedding.
SKU # 5017420
Kaytee Timothy Tots Treats for Small Animals
Kaytee Timothy Tots Treats for Small Animals
Wholesome Timothy Hay nuggets are covered in a delicious Kiwi-Melon and Tangerine-Orange flavored yogurt for a delicious and nutritious snack, treat or reward for your small pet.
SKU # 5125460
Kent Marine Coral-Vite?
Kent Marine Coral Vite
Premium hard and soft coral vitamin and mineral supplement.
SKU # 5116881
Kaytee Exotic Nut Sticks
Kaytee Exotic Nut Sticks
Parrot Exotic Nut Stick, 3.5 oz.
SKU # 1441144
Kaytee? EZ Care Cage Shield
Kaytee EZ Care Cage Shield
Coats cage and habitat surfaces to keep splattered and regurgitated food, fecal material, bug residue and other droppings from adhering to the surface.
SKU # 5110833
Orthopedic Kitty Sill Window Perch
Orthopedic Kitty Sill Window Perch
This comfortable, supportive cat perch mounts on virtually any window sill. Includes all mounting accessories and complete instructions. Cover is machine washable.
SKU # 5016257
Kent Marine PhytoPlex
Kent Marine PhytoPlex
A great choice for overall reef maintenance.
SKU # 5083066
Kaytee YO-DIPS, Tangerine/Orange Yogurt over Pineapple
Kaytee YO DIPS Tangerine Orange Yogurt over Pineapple
KAYTEE YoDips blend extreme flavors, real fruit and a creamy yogurt coating for a colorful explosion of taste and texture YoDips are an interactive, healthful way to give your pet enrichment in a special treat.
SKU # 5124985
Kaytee(r) Nyjer(tm) Wild Bird Seed Jug
Kaytee r Nyjer tm Wild Bird Seed Jug
Thistle seed for attracting many varieties of finches and small songbirds to your backyard.
SKU # 5080785
Remington Pet Carriers
Remington Pet Carriers
This carrier is airline-approved by most domestic and international air travel carriers. Check with your airline to ensure that the size and specifications meet their requirements. Includes divided food/water dish and Live Animal stickers.
SKU # 5075120
Bergan Roller Bag
Bergan Roller Bag
This soft-sided pet carrier brings to you the security and comfort knowing your pet is safe and secure.
SKU # 5104572
Kitty Hoots Beeks Catnip Cat Toy
Kitty Hoots Beeks Catnip Cat Toy
Beeks is a plush, catnip-infused bird that contains a rattle for high-flying, cat-pouncing fun.
SKU # 5124015
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