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Furry Wobbler Mice Cat Toys - Set of 3
Furry Wobbler Mice Cat Toys Set of 3
The chase is on with this three pack of furry wobbler mice that will entice you kitty from noon to night.
SKU # 5041698
Wooden Doghouse
Wooden Doghouse
Easy-to-assemble, unfinished wood doghouse lets you decide on a finish to match your own home.
SKU # 5103069
CrystalClear? Pond Bacteria
CrystalClear Pond Bacteria
Naturally cleans water and removes sludge, ammonia, nitrite and nitrate.
SKU # 5103884
Complete Pond Kit
Complete Pond Kit
Everything you need to build a beautiful pond habitat in one easy kit .
SKU # 5081742
Classy Kitty Tee-Pee Scratcher
Classy Kitty Tee Pee Scratcher
This catnip-infused carpet scratcher will save your furniture from the ravages of kitty claws while offering your cat an enticing place to play.
SKU # 5019201
Cosmic Catnip Scratching Post
Cosmic Catnip Scratching Post
A feline favorite design, with the irresistible lure of Cosmic Catnip sprinkled in the grooves. Includes a packet of fresh catnip.
SKU # 1821525
Barley Pond Strip
Barley Pond Strip
Barley straw treatment for clear, clean and healthy ponds.
SKU # 5081740
The Cat Fancier's Active Cat(tm) Yarn Balls with Rattle
The Cat Fancier 039 s Active Cat tm Yarn Balls with Rattle
Designed to help develop and maintain your cat s optimum well-being through playful, interactive mental and physical stimulation. CFA-Active Cat Premium Cat toys have been developed to stimulate the physical and mental activity for cats of all ages. By in
SKU # 5116451
Super Pet CritterTrail One
Super Pet CritterTrail One
CritterTrail One, 16L x 10.5 W x 11 H .
SKU # 5011233
Mini Cacti Reptile Feeder
Mini Cacti Reptile Feeder
This natural-looking feeder fits into most reptile environments and allows a few crickets out at a time.
SKU # 5107969
Companion Road? Fleece Pullover Jacket
Companion Road Fleece Pullover Jacket
When the weather turns cold, wrap your pet in the fleece warmth of this cuddly pullover Click More details below for a link to our Apparel Sizing Chart.
SKU # 5122480
Companion Road? Checkered Turtleneck Sweater
Companion Road Checkered Turtleneck Sweater
Just in time for the brisk weather of fall and winter to hit, this sweater is not only warm, but stylish. With multiple colors and a soft knit texture, this sweater will quickly become a wardrobe staple Click More details below for a link to.
SKU # 5123965
Conair Dog Clippers
Conair Dog Clippers
When it's time for a trim, these clippers from Conair come to the rescue .
SKU # 5118820
Super Pet CritterTrail Fun-nels Tee
Super Pet CritterTrail Fun nels Tee
Create a huge CritterTrail playground with additional, colorful accessories for endless hours of critter fun. All accessories adapt to other tubular hamster units.
SKU # 1851911
Flexi Metal Walk-Through Gate w/Small Pet Door and Extensions
Flexi Metal Walk Through Gate w Small Pet Door and Extensions
The perfect gate for off-set or irregular openings. Click More details below for a link to the Owner's Manual.
SKU # 5118877
Urban Paws by Castlemere
Urban Paws by Castlemere
For the modern dog, this black, white and tan paw print ceramic dinnerware makes a sophisticated statement.
SKU # 5067893
Companion Road? Quilted Booties
Companion Road Quilted Booties
Help your dog battle the elements in style with these fashionable dog booties. Features hook and loop closure at back and elastic on top with plastic sole. Sold is sets of four. Click More details below for a link to our Apparel Sizing Chart
SKU # 5123891
Chuckit! Plush Indoor Boomerang
Chuckit Plush Indoor Boomerang
Developed for interactive indoor game time, the Chuckit Boomerang is bound to become your playful pooch's favorite toy.
SKU # 5108659
Creative Pet Products First Aid Kits for Dogs
Creative Pet Products First Aid Kits for Dogs
A must-have for every dog owner, these first aid kits created specifically for dogs contain everything you need in an emergency. Available in two varieties: Bow-Ow First Aid Kit for all dogs and Sporting Dog First Aid Kit for outdoor dogs.
SKU # 5130713
Companion Road? Pink Canine All-Star Jersey
Companion Road Pink Canine All Star Jersey
Barleigh's pink, mesh 'Canine All-Star' jersey keeps her looking great while playing rough and tumble with the boys. Click More details below for a link to our Apparel Sizing Chart.
SKU # 5128478
CORALIFE Pure-Flo II(tm) Premium TFC Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System and Accessories
CORALIFE Pure Flo II tm Premium TFC Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System and Accessories
Generates purified water for aquarium use. The unit removes hardness, heavy metals, toxins, and many other tap water impurities.
SKU # 5095183
Crazy Dog Shampoos and Sprays
Crazy Dog Shampoos and Sprays
A burst of fun fragrance and professional-quality results make these Crazy Dog grooming products stand apart from the rest.
SKU # 5038553
Crabworx Small Shells - 3-Pack
Crabworx Small Shells 3 Pack
Crabworx Shells provide a new home for your growing Hermit Crab.
SKU # 5123309
Concepts Fashionable Dog Picture Frame with Rhinestones
Concepts Fashionable Dog Picture Frame with Rhinestones
This frame is the perfect way to show off your little fashion hound .
SKU # 5130394
Daisy Dots Pet Bowls
Daisy Dots Pet Bowls
Bring a touch of colorful whimsy into your home with these dot- and dash-adorned dog bowls.
SKU # 5120955
Step-Over Mini Gate with Pet Door and Extensions
Step Over Mini Gate with Pet Door and Extensions
This gate is perfect for toy breeds at just 18 high, you can easily step over it while keeping pets contained (or allowing them to pass through the gate's built-in, patented pet door).
SKU # 5124350
Glamour Dishware, Jars & Mat
Glamour Dishware Jars amp Mat
Ooh la la Let your pet dine in style with this sweet dishware collection.
SKU # 5096830
100% Pure Catnip by Cosmic Pet
100 Pure Catnip by Cosmic Pet
Cosmic Catnip is the 100% pure and natural way to get your cats up and moving. They won't be able to resist .
SKU # 5035020
Companion Road? Sailor Dress
Companion Road Sailor Dress
Anchor's aweigh Roxie's lookin' lovely in our little sailor dress as she sets sail for doggy daydreaming on the high seas. This charming dress in classic navy blue and white boasts a square collar with gold buttons and red anchor appliqu
SKU # 5128930
Harley-Davidson Pet T-Shirts
Harley Davidson Pet T Shirts
It's the T-Shirt that says it all: your dog is living high on the H.O.G. Sleek black T-Shirt features the H-D Bars & Shield logo. Select sizes on clearance. Click More details below for a link to our Apparel Sizing Chart.
SKU # 5013234
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