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CORALIFE Pure-Flo II(tm) Premium TFC Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System and Accessories
CORALIFE Pure Flo II tm Premium TFC Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System and Accessories
Generates purified water for aquarium use. The unit removes hardness, heavy metals, toxins, and many other tap water impurities.
SKU # 5095183
Comfort Zone with Feliway Plug-In and Refills
Comfort Zone with Feliway Plug In and Refills
Uses synthetic feline facial pheromones to end urine marking and scratching and to comfort cats in stressful situations.
SKU # 5108668
CAREFresh Colors(tm) Purple Pet Bedding
CAREFresh Colors tm Purple Pet Bedding
This colorfast, non-toxic pet bedding is long lasting and extra soft to protect sensitive skin.
SKU # 5131875
CAREFRESH Colors(tm) Pet Bedding, 10 Liter Bag
CAREFRESH Colors tm Pet Bedding 10 Liter Bag
Your favorite pet bedding in eye-catching, non-toxic, colorfast hues. 10 Liter bags in blue or purple.
SKU # 5108476
CrystalClear Test Strips for Ponds
CrystalClear Test Strips for Ponds
Provides three essential tests for pond water health: pH, nitrite and buffering capacity.
SKU # 5103888
Squirrel's Delight Feeder
Squirrel 039 s Delight Feeder
Give the squirrels their own feeder and they're less likely to raid your bird feeders. Metal construction resists destructive chewing. Does not include bar in image.
SKU # 5066093
Squirrel Catnip Toy by Cats With An Attitude
Squirrel Catnip Toy by Cats With An Attitude
Fuzzy, fun squirrel has a big, bushy tail that will have your cat pouncing and playing for hours. Includes 2 T-Nip catnip pouches.
SKU # 5056445
Dotted Eat Bowl
Dotted Eat Bowl
This white bowl matches any home decor and is the fashionable way to serve up your pet's meal .
SKU # 5121035
Cozy Critter Super Shavin's
Cozy Critter Super Shavin 039 s
Cozy Critter Super Shavin's Bedding, 1976 Cubic Inches.
SKU # 5081494
Bubble Stump Reptile Waterer
Bubble Stump Reptile Waterer
The bubbling stump reptiles will love.
SKU # 5095731
Companion Road? 3-Way Plush Cat House
Companion Road 3 Way Plush Cat House
Stylish, versatile cat house will become a favorite feline hang-out. Can be configured 3 different ways to suit your cat's taste.
SKU # 5015063
Companion Road? These Are My Groupies Tee
Companion Road These Are My Groupies Tee
For the pampered pet who is a real superstar Click More details below for a link to our Apparel Sizing Chart.
SKU # 5125491
Nuzzle Nest Dog Beds
Nuzzle Nest Dog Beds
Sink in to this comfy, bean bag-like bed. Bed conforms to your pet's body shape to make the ultimate sleeping nest.
SKU # 5095516
Companion Road? Rubber Duckie Raincoat for Dogs
Companion Road Rubber Duckie Raincoat for Dogs
This darling yellow coat is perfect for walks on rainy days. Click More details below for a link to our Apparel Sizing Chart.
SKU # 5104748
Companion Road? Lifeguard Swimsuit
Companion Road Lifeguard Swimsuit
Get your sun bathing beauty back in the swim of things this summer Roxie's lookin' sharp testing the waters in our classic one-piece lifeguard bathing suit. Click More details below for a link to our Apparel Sizing Chart.
SKU # 5128954
Step-Over Mini Gate with Pet Door and Extensions
Step Over Mini Gate with Pet Door and Extensions
This gate is perfect for toy breeds at just 18 high, you can easily step over it while keeping pets contained (or allowing them to pass through the gate's built-in, patented pet door).
SKU # 5124350
Berry Delight No-melt Suet Dough from C&S
Berry Delight No melt Suet Dough from C amp S
Made for year-round feeding, this suet dough is a delight for birds.
SKU # 5116139
Wild Field Mouse Cat Toy by Cats With An Attitude
Wild Field Mouse Cat Toy by Cats With An Attitude
This furry little field mouse is perfect for keeping your cat entertained. Features fresh catnip in the T-Nip catnip pouch.
SKU # 5017574
Companion Road? Winner Glitter Tank
Companion Road Winner Glitter Tank
Olivene leads the pack of her puppy pals. Her chic black tank top in a comfy cotton-poly blend has glittering decal that proudly proclaims her Winner status. This stylish tank makes a dazzling display while she struts her stuff in cool canine.
SKU # 5128827
Wooden Plug Feeder
Wooden Plug Feeder
This wooden suet plug feeder will be sure to attract wild birds.
SKU # 5116161
Coralife Scientific Grade Marine Salt
Coralife Scientific Grade Marine Salt
Ensure the total absence of phosphates and nitrates.
SKU # 2431418
Super Pet CritterTrail Three
Super Pet CritterTrail Three
CritterTrail Three, 16 L x 10.5 W x 22.5 H.
SKU # 5014478
Super Pet&reg CritterTrail&reg Expansion Kit 2
Super Pet amp reg CritterTrail amp reg Expansion Kit 2
Fun and colorful design keeps your small pet entertained by adding new and different places to play and hide.
SKU # 5112709
Coralife 50/50 Fluorescent Lamps
Coralife 50 50 Fluorescent Lamps
Ideal for saltwater, reef and freshwater aquariums, these bulbs provide a mix of 50% natural daylight and 50% actinic 03 blue.
SKU # 2431421
Extra Tall Maxi Metal Walk-Thru Gate w/Small Pet Door and Extensions
Extra Tall Maxi Metal Walk Thru Gate w Small Pet Door and Extensions
This tall wall-mounted gate is perfect for extra-large openings. Simple wall mount system allows for easy installation and removal.
SKU # 5135903
Companion Road? Reflective Safety Jacket
Companion Road Reflective Safety Jacket
The essential jacket to keep your outdoor adventurer safe and warm in style Click More details below for a link to our Apparel Sizing Chart.
SKU # 5129171
Concepts Woof Picture Frame
Concepts Woof Picture Frame
Display your dashing dog for the world to see .
SKU # 5130607
Choobles Beef Pizzles
Choobles Beef Pizzles
Choobles Beef Pizzles offer your dog an all-natural change of pace in chew treats.
SKU # 5000366
Clear Paw Placemat
Clear Paw Placemat
Generously sized placemat catches spills and splashes to keep your pet's dining area clean.
SKU # 5067684
Crabworx Small Shells - 3-Pack
Crabworx Small Shells 3 Pack
Crabworx Shells provide a new home for your growing Hermit Crab.
SKU # 5123309
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