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Petstages Laser Fun Interactive Cat Toy
Petstages Laser Fun Interactive Cat Toy
Press the button on this bright and cheerful kitty face to reveal the ultimate cat ertainment a laser beam!.
Style # 2297066A

Cat's love laser beams. It's true. In just a press of a button, watch as your feisty feline leaps, bounds, and chases the laser beam that shoots out of this bright and cheery cat face shaped toy. This easy to use laser beam activates when you press the button and turns off when not pressed. Batteries included. Thoughtfully designed for cat of all ages. Warning Avoid direct eye contact with laser beam. Do not point laser at eyes of people or animals. Made in the USA.

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Petstages OrkaKat Catnip Stuffers
Orkakat catnip stuffers
The textured surface of these lightweight, durable mice promotes dental health as your cat plays and chews.
SKU # 5126586
Petstages Powder Puff Pals
Powder puff pals
Powder Puff Pals are lightweight and easy-to-carry and made of natural feathers that stimulate your cat's hunting instincts.
SKU # 5126587
Petstages Orka Tube Chew Toy
Orka tube
The Orka Tube is sized perfectly for the medium to small dog or puppy that loves to chew.
SKU # 5088095
Petstages Play 'n Pounce Cat Toy
Play pounce
This catnip-infused wand offers enticing interactive play for you and your cat. Designed for cats of all ages.
SKU # 5126611
Petstages(tm) Rag Rope Ball Dog Toy
Rag rope
Veterinarian-approved dog toy is fun to chase and chew.
SKU # 5102025
Petstages Shake, Rattle and Roll
Shake rattle roll
Let the good times roll with this cute, colorful toy.
SKU # 5085923
Petstages(tm) Mini Loop Ball Dog Toy
Mini loop ball
Veterinarian-approved dog toy is fun to chase and chew and specially sized for toy-sized dogs.
SKU # 5102023
Petstages Soothing Cuddle Pal
Soothing cuddle
The cozy shape of this Cuddle Pal can be microwaved and cuddled for comfort when your puppy is sleeping or stressed.
SKU # 5075014
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