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Petromalt Hairball Remedy
Petromalt Hairball Remedy
Favorite of cat owners for more than 50 years; its lubricating action aids in the elimination of hairballs.
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When cats and kittens clean themselves, their tongues often pull loose hair from their coat. It can accumulate in the gastrointestinal tract. This nearly indigestible material becomes a hairball which can interfere with normal digestion and elimination. Petromalt is an intestinal lubricant that helps relieve constipation, dry cough and occasional vomiting associated with hairballs. It is also a gentle laxative against the formation of hairballs. It is safe and effective for cats and kittens over 4 weeks of age. Petromalt is an emulsion of Liquid Petrolatum 44%, Malt Syrup 47%, Glycerine 7%, Acacia 2%, Vitamin B1 Thiamine HCI 1 mg per ounce. Directions To eliminate hairballs for adult cats, feed a one inch ribbon of Petromalt daily until symptoms disappear. Give between meals, either from your finger or by placing on cat's front paw, where it can be licked off readily. To prevent hairballs, feed adult cats a one inch ribbon once or twice a week and brush frequently. For kittens more than four weeks of age, feed a half inch ribbon once or twice a week. Should symptoms persist, consult a veterinarian. Keep out of the reach of children. Store at room temperature. Available in a 2 oz. tube or a 3.2 oz. pump.

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Petromalt Hairball Treats(tm)
Hairball treats
The original hairball remedy for cats. Veterinarian recommended formula contains no added salt or artificial colors.
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