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Airline Travel Kit
Airline Travel Kit
Contains the essentials most airlines require when traveling with your pet.
Style # 2297066A

Everything required by the airlines to transport your pet in a kennel. Kit Includes Safety stickers Plastic food and water cups Disposable floor liner.

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Petmate Two Door Deluxe Kennel
Door deluxe
Intermediate-sized pets travel in comfort and safety in this portable kennel cab. Click More details below for a link to our Dog Crate Buying Guide.
SKU # 5053058
Crazy Cat Toys
Crazy toys
Choose your kitty's favorites from this selection of feline friendly toys. All are perfect for batting, pouncing, rolling, biting and more.
SKU # 5020118
Cat-A-Ball Cat Toy
Cat ball
This cat toy keeps your cat intrigued, stimulated, and entertained.
SKU # 1821945
Purrforma Plus Litter Box Accessories
Purrforma plus litter
Accessories for your Purrforma Plus Litter Box.
SKU # 5073441
Petmate Rubberized Molded Litter Mat
Rubberized molded litter mat
Place this rubberized litter mat outside the litter box for a sanitary way to control litter scatter. The ribbed texture helps keep paws clean by trapping excess litter material. Easy-to-clean rubber material is durable enough to stand up to years of use.
SKU # 5127176
Jumbo Petmate Zeolite Litter Box Filter
Box filter
This jumbo size litter box filter, designed for use with the Petmate Jumbo Hooded Hi-Back(tm) Litter Pan, reduces odor for up to 90 days.
SKU # 5092123
Petmate Vari Kennel Ultra Fashion
Vari kennel ultra fashion
Give your pup a place to feel secure with this portable kennel. Great for a home or for travel use. Click More details below for a link to our Dog Crate Buying Guide.
SKU # 5130769
Petmate Attract-O-Mat
Attract mat
This Attract-O-Mat will attract more than just your kitty Electrostatic polyester batting captures pet hair, dander and dust. Place in your cat's favorite spot to protect furniture or bedding. The attractive fabric border will complement any d cor .
SKU # 5124009
Cafe Waterer & Feeder for Small Pets
Cafe waterer
Auto feeder and waterer with a stylish, contemporary design. Easy to clean and refill, no-skid rubber feet.
SKU # 5048011
Jumbo High Back Litter Pan Liner 8 Count
Litter pan liner count
These Hi-Back litter pan liners are disposable and convenient. They fit all pans up to 21 x 17.25 x 10.25 .
SKU # 5092484
Giant Petmate Portable Kennel
Giant portable
For at home or travel use, this vet and trainer recommended portable kennel is the way to go.
SKU # 5079587
Petmate Ultra Feeder
Ultra feeder
The ultimate way to feed pets .
SKU # 5117192
Petmate Fashion Series Kennel Cab - Intermediate
Fashion series kennel
Intermediate-sized pets travel in comfort and safety in this portable kennel cab.
SKU # 5122401
Petmate Purrforma XL Replacement Litter Liner
Purrforma replacement
Replacement litter liner for the Petmate Purrforma Plus XL Self-Cleaning Litter Box.
SKU # 5093992
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