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Petlinks System Dream Curl(tm) Curved Scratcher
Petlinks System Dream Curl(tm) Curved Scratcher
A modern, sculptural twist on your everyday floor scratcher that looks great in your home.
Style # 2297066A

Smarter than the average floor scratcher, Dream Curl is made of both carpet and sisal surfaces in a unique S shape for your kitty's scratching pleasure. Your cat will appreciate the variety of scratching surfaces and you'll love how it compliments your home's decor. With places climb, scratch, curl up and hide. this scratcher will pique you cat's curiousity time and time again. Plus, a suspended toy adds to the appeal. Made in China.

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Petlinks System Super Swooper Cat Toy
Swooper cat
Electronic, motion ball has a feather teaser that tantalizes your feisty feline when it flips and flutters unpredictably.
SKU # 5132061
Petlinks System Twinkle Chute with Lights Cat Toy
Cat toy
Light up your cat's life with this crackling tunnel toy that features motion-activated lights.
SKU # 5132059
Petlinks System Totter Tufts Cat Toy
Tufts cat
These fluttery, feathered toys totter and tease to tap into your cat's natural hunting instinct.
SKU # 5126136
Scratchers Welcome Scratch Mat
Welcome scratch
Roll out this welcome mat for your feline friend and help her satisfy her natural urge to scratch safely .
SKU # 5123984
Petlinks System Tube Time Hanging Scratcher
Time hanging
Hang this plush and durable scratcher on a doorknob to provide the perfect outlet for busy paws.
SKU # 5111313
Petlinks System Twitchy Tail Interactive Cat Wand
Tail interactive
Let the interactive playtime fun begin Twitchy Tail is designed to promote interactive play and bonding between cats and their owners.
SKU # 5126138
Petlinks System Plume Crazy Interative Cat Wand
System plume
Let the interactive playtime fun begin Plume Crazy Wand is designed to promote interactive play and bonding between cats and their owners.
SKU # 5126139
Petlinks System Rope Around Hanging Scratcher
System rope around
Hanging catnip scratcher designed with sisal-loving cats in mind.
SKU # 5111318
Petlinks System Parrot Tweet Cat Toy
System parrot
With real feathers, electronic bird sounds and catnip you can't get any closer to the real thing .
SKU # 5132025
Petlinks System Twinkle Toes
System twinkle
Touch activated light ball will keep your kitty on her toes .
SKU # 5132026
Petlinks System Pure Commotion Electronic Cat Toy
Electronic cat toy
Keep your kitty entertained for hours in a whirlwind of feathers with this electronic activity toy that keeps on going when you can't be there.
SKU # 5126612
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