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Bed-A-Beast Disk  from Pet-Tech
Bed A Beast Disk from Pet Tech
Easy to prepare bedding material for reptiles, amphibians and tarantulas made from 100% natural fiber.
Style # 2297066A

Provide your reptiles, amphibians and tarantulas bedding material that enhances their environment and is environmentally friendly. Bed A Beast is made from 100% natural fiber which is also 100% recyclable. One disk is about. 03 ounces and is enough for a 10 gallon terrarium. Can be left moist for tropical terrain or dried for desert terrain. Features Made from 100% natural materials Easy to prepare 1 brick expands 7 8 times Non toxic and non abrasive to the skin & eyes Highly absorbent Harmless if ingested Directions To use wet To prepare, place block in a pail, sink or large pot. Add 3 4 quarts of hot water. Allow block to expand for 20 30 minutes. Fluff out material by hand. Wring out excess moisture if desired. To use dry Squeeze out excess moisture, spread thinly, allow to dry in the sun as required. Bed A Beast bedding makes an excellent soil additive for gardening and can be used as a replacement for Sphagnum Peat Moss. Used bedding can also be safely composted. Made in Sri Lanka.

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Sand Sifter for Reptiles
Sand sifter
A fast and easy way to clean terrarium and bird cage sand. Sifts out solid waste and leaves clean sand ready to use.
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Bed-A-Beast(tm) Litter from Pet-Tech
100% coconut husk, expands to 7-8 times its original size.
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